Wednesday, April 26, 2006

T.I. & Young Jeezy - Travis County Expo Center - May 12, 2006

Whatchu know about that?!? Part of the Central Texas Springfest... T.I. and Young Jeezy are comin' to the Travis County Expo Center on May 12th! That's my brother's birthday! I guess I'll be in Houston that weekend!

Daum ticket's are 'spensive! Come on... my baby momma don't need those Louis Vuittons... and I don't need those 24 inch rims... shit... "they spinnin'... they spinnin'"

Hey I know all about that!

More info:

Southern rapper T.I. debuted with a 2001 full-length that earned moderate attention for its single, "I'm Serious," featuring additional vocals from Beenie Man and production from the Neptunes. A Georgia native, he signed to Arista and delivered I'm Serious in October 2001. Though the album charted, the single failed to generate any action. Through 2003's Trap Muzik and the following year's Urban Legend, the MC became a real force and scored a handful of major hits. King followed in 2006, which was released within a few days of the opening of his big-screen debut in ATL.

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