Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Afrofreque - Lamberts - February 9, 2008 - Free Tickets!

From the giving away free tickets, read below department... Afrofreque @ Lamberts on Feb 9th with DJ BigFace. This is perfect, I'd go early and get some good barbecue and stick around and get some soulful hip hop, food for your ears!

Daysha of Earthbird Music is giving 2 free tickets to the Afrofreque show for Austin Hip-Hop Scene readers! First 2 to email me @ emptyonline@gmail.com can bring themselves and a guest! Thanks Daysha!


Afrofreque will be stirring up a funky stew of live, soulful hip hop with DJ BIGFACE at Lambert’s on Saturday, February 9th, 2008. In the next saga of all things that cause a booty to shake, John Siebenthaler lays down a funky bass groove that can only be matched by the force of one Fumi Sugawara and his magical mastery of the Wah. Will MC Tigre Liu bring Illumination to packed house of reggae, soul, and hip hop lovers? Will Resinthol’s scratch on decks of vinyl have any effect on Lambert’s beautifully crafted wooden floors? I think so, my friend. The floors will bounce as the celebration of soul infectiously spreads through the upstairs bar. Lambert’s is located at 401 W. 2nd St. in Austin, TX. Cover is only $5 at the door. This is a 21+ event.

More info:

Afrofreque’s music is live soulful hip-hop, with elements of electronica, afrobeat and reggae. The grooves are funky and the lyrics are positive and conscious, reflecting hip-hop culture, social issues and just plain having fun. Afrofreque is known not only for their for their tightly arranged hip hop and soul compositions, but also for their high energy live performances and and ultra funky live improvs.

The group, headed by MC Tigre Liu, is an experienced and talented bunch. Band members are/have been integral parts of other bands such as The Killer Bees, Big Game Hunter, Dirty Wormz, Patrice Pike, David Garza, Laura Scarborough, Raggamassive, Futurelight Sound System, Pressure, and Shantytown Underground.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Junior Reid - The Parish - February 3, 2008

From the just in time for Mardi Gras department... Junior Reid and the Reggae Angels, Andrew and Wada Blood, Jah Mighty and Jr Vibes @ The Parish on Feb 3rd. Show starts @ 9pm and tix are $20 and you can get them here.


Strolled into Momo's last night to check out RX Family and it was a real treat. As a complement, these guys are Boombox-esque. They're a live hip hop band, complete with a sax. The band have been friends since they were little kids, albeit, they still look fairly young. As a special guest appearance, the Misfitz joined the band and gave me an orgasm in my ears. Look out for more from these guys!

More info:

Junior Reid (born Delroy Reid on June 3, 1965 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall musician, best known for the song "One Blood", as well as being the man that replaced Michael Rose as lead vocalist for Black Uhuru.

Reid had a tough upbringing in West Kingston's Waterhouse district, notorious for being one of the most dangerous places in Jamaica. It was there in the politically turbulent late '70s that he recorded his first-ever single "Know Myself" at the age of 14 for the late Hugh Mundell, released in the UK by Greensleeves Records. He then went on to form his own band, the Voice of Progress, and after a local hit with "Mini-Bus Driver" the group scored local success with an album of the same name.

By the early 80's, commissioned by the great Sugar Minott to record a number of tunes on Minott's Youth Promotion label, enjoying considerable popularity with tracks such as "Human Nature", "A1 Lover", and the evergreen "See How Me Black See How Me Shine", an uplifting and proud statement which became an anthem to the ghetto youth whom Reid increasingly championed. Reid was involved in the 1983 shooting death of reggae singer Hugh Mundell; he was travelling in the same car as Mundell in Kingston. After the death of Mundell, Reid transferred his talents to King Jammy's studio on St. Lucia Road where his fast-growing success rose yet another notch. "Boom Shacka Lacka" was his first UK hit and led to another exceptional album. After a number of fine singles - which included "Youthman", "Bank Clerk", "Sufferation", "Give Thanks and Praises" and "Higgler Move" - his chance of a wider audience came with the offer of replacing Michael Rose in Black Uhuru. Always a strong follower of Black Uhuru, and with a similar vocal style, Reid slipped into Rose's shoes with ease. The collaboration on his first Black Uhuru album Brutal, in 1986, was well received by all. Two years and two albums later, Junior's interest to produce material for himself drove him back into the solo arena and back to King Jammy's studio.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gutta Gang - Whisky Bar - January 27, 2008

From the perfect timing department... Gutta Gang and East 35 @ Whisky Bar on Jan 27th. Now that's a show you can't miss!

Cool flyer but is that the lion king with wings?!? Simba...


Perfect timing, my steak, eggs, and rice cooker all finished at the same time. That's freakin' hard to pull off. But shit, I've got steak juice burns all over my arms.

DJ Eleven - Plush - January 26, 2008

From the I don't want no green eggs and steak department... DJ Eleven & Table Manners Crew @ Plush on Saturday, Jan 26th. And a hip hop happy hour with Higher Than Why... man happy hour's now at 9pm?

And then catch DJ Eleven again @ The Parish with Pharoahe Monch...


Well I'm having steak, eggs, and rice for dinner tonight... is that healthy?!? Has anyone ever cooked steak and had the oil jump out and into your eye ball? That shit hurts!

More info:

DJ Eleven began his career in Oakland, CA as a founder of Local 1200, a crew that includes the most sought-after club DJs in the Bay Area. Working and living in New York City for 6 years, Eleven uses his large, diverse music collection and extensive experience to keep crowds moving in the hottest nightspots on both coasts.

Eleven has moved crowds at high-profile events such as Spitkicker’s monthly party in NYC (founded by esteemed hip-hop MC Talib Kweli and members of De La Soul) and the 5-year anniversary of Philadelphia’s longest-running hip-hop party, Remedy 215. During the summer of 2003, Eleven served as tour DJ for the Nike Battleground Tour street ball tournament. He’s also spun at issue release parties for Mugshot Magazine and Wax Poetics and private parties for And1, Universal Music Group, Motown Records, and Complex Magazine

This DJ’s greatest strength is his uncanny ability to get any crowd out of their seats and keep them dancing all night long. His wide musical range allows him to spin sets including Hip-Hop/ contemporary R&B, Breaks and Rare Grooves, Disco/Funk/Soul, Reggae, and ‘80’s, with the skill that brings party people back for more.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interview: DJ Protege

DJ Protege of Blue Room Music Group has been keepin' our body rockin' in the hottest clubs in town from Six Lounge (Wednesdays) to Union Park (Thursdays) to Prague (Fridays). Holla at him next time you're out...

We recently got a chance to catch up with him outside of his busy schedule. Thanks for taking the time... here's what he had to say...

AHHS: Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

Protege: I was born & raised in Austin Texas. DJing was a hobby I picked and haven’t stopped yet. It's simple I play music. And I do it well enough that I have been a working dj for 12 years or so.

AHHS: How did you get started in DJing?

Protege: I used to listen to Dj Magic Mike in the early 90's. He was always scratching. It sounded dope.

AHHS: Which artists inspire you the most and why?

Protege: There's so many artist in so many different styles of music it's hard to just say one or two. Timbaland cause his use of sounds and how their layered. Kanye & Just Blaze for there sample use.

AHHS: What are you spinnin' these days?

Protege: Man I play everything. Hip Hop, Reggae, House, 80's Retro. If I think folks mite feel it. I'll spinning it.

AHHS: From past experience, which song gets the party hype?

Protege: Black Sheep - This or That

AHHS: What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

Protege: Man that's kind of hard to answer is just a few words. It's cause I mite like a melody from one track, maybe a baseline, snare, kick ect. It's the little things that make me want to work on something new.

AHHS: How do you see the scene locally, and where do you see it going?

Protege: It's changed a lot; People are more open to different kinds of music. It's cool because you can here a lot of different style in a small area.

AHHS: What is your favorite venue to perform at, and why?

Protege: I don't think I have a favorite but I did enjoy DJing @ Barcelona cause the bass was real solid.

AHHS: Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

Protege: Easy...........Feddi Man, Zeale 32 & Mike and Ike

AHHS: What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

Protege: All ways keep the energy level high.

AHHS: And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

Protege: Hell yeah......... Ladies look better as you get better/more popular.

AHHS: Do you have any parting words to our readers?

Protege: Do you and do it good. Take the time to study your craft. You'll make more noise by not imitating someone else’s style.

The RX Family - Momo's - January 26, 2008

From the dirty jobs galore department... RX Family, Tri-Opus, Shannfab, and Spin Alley @ Momo's on Jan 26th. Get some soul, rock, reggae, and more...


I always love Momo's as a venue, it's situated right above Katz's Deli so when you get hungry, just go down and get some grub. :) Which I'm about to do now cuz I'm starvin'!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Storm Shadow - Flamingo Cantina - January 23, 2008

From the ... department... Fresh Boy Crew wrote in to tell us about a show @ Flamingo Cantina with Stormshadow, Lady Legacy, Grimnasty, Chaos Click, Nip and CO2. Thanks FBC!


The primaries are providing me with a constant source of entertainment. Barak or Hillary?!? McCain or Huckabee?!? Things have started to get nasty and for sure to get even worse. I can't wait!

More info:


Thursday, January 17, 2008

DJ Mike Swing - Union Park - January 17, 2008

From the warm the f*ck up department... DJ Mike Swing @ Union Park every Thursday night... join him as he gets your junk in da trunk bouncin' to the thump with his 1's and 2's.

Gotta love the weeklies... it's like your blankey... you can always depend on it!


More info:

From rocking parties in the most well known clubs in Austin to running the most successful record pool in Central Texas, DJ Mike Swing has been one of Austins go to guys for Hip Hop/Urban music since 1995.

His musical beginning started in the early eighties while listening to his fathers vinyl records of The Gap Band and The Sugar Hill Gang. From there he continued to learn more about the upcoming and hip culture that stemmed from New York City called Hip Hop. In the mid to late eighties, Mike Swing began purchasing and collecting cassette tapes and vinyl records of music he found to be influential and uplifting. In middle school he was always known as the guy who had the latest music. After high school, he relocated to The University of Texas at Austin where his DJ career truly began to take shape. While looking through a Vibe Magazine that contained the chronological order of Hip Hop, he noticed that the year 1987 had the Technics 1200 turntable labeled as, 'The Industry Standard' for the Hip Hop DJ. That was the spark that set him on his journey that still goes on today. He found a way to purchase two turntables and the necessary equipment to begin 'spinning'. This new found way of sharing his music led him to five years at college radio for the University of Texas at Austin called KVRX 91.7FM. The radio show called Urban Concepts was born and was the first Hip Hop radio program at The University of Texas at Austin to play modern R&B and to obtain the number one spot for a college/community radio program in the Austin, Texas market according to the Arbitron rating system.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pharoahe Monch - The Parish - January 27, 2008

From the damn headache department... Elliot wrote in to tell us about another Scion show with Pharoahe Monch @ The Parish on Jan 27th. Performing along side will be Orgone and DJ Eleven. As always, no cover, just RSVP here.


More info:

Pharoahe Monch (born Troy Donald Jamerson on October 31, 1967 in Queens, New York) is an American hip hop artist. He is known for his complex delivery, internal and multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.

Pharoahe Monch's name is derived from the monkey dolls, Monchhichis. After receiving a bad haircut, which left Monch looking like a "chimpanzee", girls in Monch's high school class began calling him "Monchhichi", which was later shortened to "Monch". Monch adopted the "Pharoahe" prefix after meeting future Organized Konfusion partner Prince Po.

Monch released three albums as part of the rap duo, Organized Konfusion with partner Prince Poetry: The self-titled Organized Konfusion, Stress: The Extinction Agenda and The Equinox. The duo handled a large amount of production on these albums themselves. All albums received positive critical reviews, but moderate sales. As a result, the duo split up after recording their final album The Equinox in 1997. Prince Poetry has since denied the possibility of an Organized Konfusion reunion.

Pharoahe Monch then signed to Rawkus Records, an indie label. After making several guest appearances on albums like the best-selling Rawkus compilation Soundbombing 2, Monch's much-hyped debut, Internal Affairs was released in 1999. The first single of the album, Simon Says, was a major hit in 1999; he was later sued for the use of a Godzilla sample for the beat. He also had a 2001 hit with "Got You," though the single ultimately didn't sell well. In 2003, Pharoahe released his final single through Rawkus Records, "Agent Orange", a war inspired song which revisited the 1991 Organized Konfusion track "Releasing Hypnotical Gases".

Sunday, January 13, 2008

AustinSurreal Presents - Flamingo Cantina - January 20, 2008

From the So Real to Surreal department... AustinSurreal Presents and Bavu Blakes hosts What To Say Bout MLK @ Flamingo Cantina on Jan 20th... featuring Grimy Styles, Zeale 32, P.P.T. and Gerald G.


For all the Austin hip hop heads out there, get ready for another chapter in Austin hip hip history. With the arrival of Matt Sonzala of HoustonSoReal fame and now of AustinSurreal, Matt aims to bring the heat in the '08 and it starts here on Martin Luther King Day. The landscape of Austin hip hop is changing and we are all witnesses. Damn Nike marketing... :)

More info:

Over the last three years, Grimy Styles’ innovative approach to purely instrumental dub roots reggae has made them one of the most popular draws in the competitive Austin live music scene. Applying the traditional dub techniques of King Tubby to an array of influences spanning classical, roots, jazz and metal via cutting edge mixing techniques and unique onstage signal processing, Grimy Styles realizes a bold, panoramic vision of dub. While their dynamic live shows always get bodies moving, their melodic, imaginative soundscapes amply reward the careful listener.

Formed as a trio in 2001, Grimy Styles travelled through a vast number of genres experimenting with the concept of producing pertinent pop instrumentals. The nature of the style was so diverse that in the course of one year the band shared the stage with Bernie Worrell, the Skatalites, and Thomas Mapfumo.

Aside from home studio concoctions, Grimy Styles released there live debut, Restoration of the Bathhouse, in 2004. Regardless of the EP’s shorter length and lower-fidelity the album was a staple amongst the Austin dub scene and played true to the gritty sounds of Grimy Styles’ live presentation.

While currently expanding their touring range, the band recently-released Rewind, and plans to spend most of 2007 back on the road, bringing their evolutionary dub to every corner of the globe.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mojoe - Dirty Dog Bar - January 19, 2008

From the clam chowder giving me a stomach ache department... Mojoe, Diasporic, and The Groove Movement @ Dirty Dog Bar on Jan 19th! Mojoe, probably my favorite group at the moment, will most definitely tear it up. Haven't been able to catch them live, I can't wait. I wonder when their new cd comes out?


Just got back from a pretty funny movie, Juno. Yes it's a chick flick, but at the same time it's a bit Napoleon Dynamite-esque. Juno is a story about a 16 year old girl who becomes preg and forced to deal with adult decisions. Classic growing up movie.

More info:

Easy Lee (Charles Peters) and Tre (Treson Scipio) are MOJOE, a duo that has often described itself as The Roots meet OutKast over dinner with Marvin Gaye at DAngelos house. Thats a party that anyone in their right mind would want to attend, a free-form jam with only the tastiest beats, rhymes, and harmonies, not to mention words and emotions that truly echo the barometer of urban life. MOJOE channels that spirit with Classic.Ghetto.Soul., a timeless showcase of its sumptuous blend of worldwise poetry, sweet soul melodies and harmonies, reverent blues and jazz, and Dirty South hip-hop.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

J Biz R Showcase - Ruta Maya - January 24, 2008

From the recognize the hustle department... J Biz R of Dented Mindz throwin' down a dope show @ Ruta Maya on Jan 24th. Performances by J Biz R, Pain Killaz, Dove House Click, Kriminals, Kool Whip, Tha Rejects and Kazanova. Respect the hustle.


More info:

J Biz R (Joshua Bleen) has been producing music professionally since 2004. Working under his own self empowered label Dented Mindz Productions he is a promising newcomer to the rap scene.

Growing up with his poetic mother (Betty Bleen) as a major influence, he started writing poetry when he was only fourteen years old. Heavily influenced by his mothers poetic creativity, he found his own passion for the pen and pad.

Having moved around a whole lot growing up, he was forced to be placed in and out of many different school systems and environments. Touring through out many of the southern and mid-west states left him with lots of road time to express his creativity..

Having a natural rhythm he started taking top chart artist singles and mixing them. Using a multi track line stereo, he would mix one songs lyrics over another songs beat. Thus discovering his musical talents.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Beauty Bash - Beauty Bar - January 12, 2008

From the hatred of Monday is burning department... Beauty Bash 2 @ Beauty Bar on Jan 12th with Rapid Ric, Nick Nack, Boss Ross, and Betaplayer.


Wow just saw American Ganster. American Ganster is a movie about the rise and fall of New York ganster, Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington who does and excellent job as he always does. I'm a Denzel fan. One thing that struck me was one of Frank Lucas' brothers was played by Common. Yes the same Common of hip hop fame. Although he has a small role in the movie, it is no doubt a prelude to more roles. Much luck to him and his growth as an artist.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Agents of Change - Red 7 - January 10, 2008

From the nice day, run on Lady Bird Lake department... Agents of Change, The Word Association and Heroes @ Red 7 on Jan 10th.


So I haven't gone to the grocery store since I've been back from vacation and I'm runnin' really low on things to eat. After going running on Town Lake, I decided to eat a pack of Ramen noodles and boil some eggs I had left over. After the eggs were boiled, I cracked them and man did they smell. Unwisely, I decided to go ahead and put them in my Ramen noodles. I've been sitting around for the last hour wondering how my stomach's going to react before I head off to HEB. I hope this story ends well. Otherwise, my next blog post will be from the toilet.

More info:

All the music and politics aside, AOC is basically a bunch of kids who grew up inside the box and needed a way to exorcise their demons. It doesn't get fancier than that.

Well actually, I take that back, it gets a lot fancier than that.

We want you to think and be an active participant in your world. Whatever that may mean for each individual; we humans, the dynamic, vivacious creatures that we are, must resist the growing complacency that is enveloping every aspect of our existance. You gotta dance. You gotta smile. You gotta laugh, love and live.

While doing all this you must be a conscious decision maker. Every action you make has a ripple effect, and what may seem like an insignifigant choice to one, may have grave consequences for another. For example,I assume you are wearing clothes right now, where are they from? what country, what company? Do they care about their workers? Do they treat them right? Pay decently?

You deciding to buy a shirt from Nike might directly result in the oppression of a foreign worker. Not to sound preachy, but we as a race can do better.

So with that mindset, we create a hip-hop sound that's like none other. A smattering of different styles and influences; far too many to enumerate. I suppose I should just let the music speak for itself though.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Damp Heat - The Broken Neck - January 5, 2008

From the crick in the neck department... Damp Heat, Grim Nasty, Gnarley Boys, Bandanna Nicole Smiths, Electric Pickle, and Dum Dum and the Smarties @ The Broken Neck on Jan 5th. Show is $5 and it's BYOB. I wonder if that's also BYOP (Bring your own purple) :)


The video below has nothing to do with the show, but it's still dope. It's called Hip Hop Violin. This kid plays his violin while a DJ accompanies him on the 1's and 2's. I used to play the violin so it's dope to me. ;)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Zeale - Karma Lounge - January 3, 2008

From the 1st post of the year department... and we're gonna start off the year correct... it's another Gathering @ Karma Lounge on Jan 3rd with Zeale, Perseph One, Cali Zack and Broke Bread with DJ Shoestrings.


Happy New Years Austin!

Can't believe I gotta go back to work tomorrow.

More info:

Austin Texas, ZEALE, is the definition of what happens when skills and swagger are meshed into one. Well respected in the underground street circuit, Zeale is making his presence felt and has undeniably become Austin's most versatile and unique emcee. "It's a culture; it's the way I live, the way I operate, it's my paradigm. I view everything through the lens of music." Zeale believes that hip-hop lives and breathes with the people.

"My roots sprang from long years of work with poetry and self expression. When the walls of poetry could no longer house my expression and art, it began to twist and warp itself into spoken word patterns which have become the basis of my freestyle."

Zeale's career began as a sharp freestyle battle emcee, which would eventually lead him to multiple MC Battle competitions throughout the US. The largest competition being ScribbleJam 10 in Cinncinatti, Ohio, where he competed against some of the most talented artist in the world. Now that his freestyle battle element is sleeping, He's working on his first national single due to be released in 2007, under BabyGrande Records. The talent and versatility of this supernatural artist can no longer be denied. Relax, kick back, and go with the flow.