Monday, June 30, 2008

Feddi Man - Firehouse Lounge - July 5, 2008

From the yo momma's invited too department... Celebrate Feddi Man's CD Release Party @ Firehouse Lounge on July 5th and hosted by Question? and DJ's Protege and Knowledge.

Congrats to Feddi for this important milestone!


Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but if you are looking for the best Chinese food in Austin, you should really check out the Asia Cafe behind the Asia Market. It's a little wierd going into a grocery store and heading to the back where the restaurant lies, but you'll be greatly rewarded for this journey. I'm having left overs from lunch of mango chicken, spicy fish and eggplant! Yum! Check it out!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dubb Sicks - Headhunters - June 29, 2008

From the random jerseys on a flyer department... Dubb Sicks, Cali Zack, Cadalack Ron, Brokebread, Jae the Saint, and Mirage @ Headhunters on June 29th.

I guess this kicks off their tour from Austin to Cali, sayonara guys.


Chillin in Dallas today for my friend's wedding... funny thing is that my friend's Indian and the wife is Taiwanese... so during the reception one half of the room was brown and the other was yellow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Austin Beat Battle - Karma Lounge - June 26, 2008

From the marriage made in heaven department... Austin Beat Battle, a head to head producer battle, and The Gathering cook it up again @ Karma Lounge on June 26th, tomorrow night! Also guest performances by The Breakfast Club Crew.


Watching a piece on internet pharmacies and the ease of buying prescription drugs online. Abuse of prescription drugs is even more pervasive than illegal drugs can you digg. Gotta make you snicker at all those anti-drug weenies. Free the sticky-icky!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The 512 - Ruta Maya - June 28, 2008

From the 100 yr flood department... The 512 Part 6, "Back to the Basics", is on again @ Ruta Maya on June 28th. Again way too many artists for my lazy ass to list, but this show features the Kriminals and Big Dirty and celebrates Yung Prodigeez and J Biz R's birthdays!


Here's a questions for ya... and maybe it's just a question for the guys, but to the gals too... But when you go to the restroom whether it's the urinal (aimed at guys) or the toilet (aimed at guys and gals) and you're done and washing your hands and you see someone come in and use the same urinal/toilet you just used... do you get some twisted satisfaction that you were the first one to use it?!? or is it just me that feels this way? :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mystic - The Parish - June 27, 2008

From the she's easy on the eyes department... Mystic @ The Parish Room on June 27th. Also performing are LD & Ariano, D.A. the I.N.M., Brokebread, and DJ Notion...


Damn it's hot like a pair of tits on a Tijuanan prostitute! I feel like running around the house butt nekid all day and just rubbing ice on myself. Gees...

More info:

Mystic is a hip hop artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Raised by her mother (an experience she explores in her single "Fatherless Child"), she lived in rural California, Hawaii, and Oregon before settling in her eventual home base, Oakland, California.

Early on in her musical career, she collaborated with fellow female MC The Angel and toured with Digital Underground, appearing on Digital Underground's "Who Got The Gravy" album under the name DU Goddess. After earning a solo contract with Goodvibe Recordings in 2000, she worked with respected underground hip-hop producers including Shock G and A-Plus for her 2001 debut album, Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom. She participated in the summer 2001 Tree of Life tour with her labelmates to promote the album, whose lead single, "The Life", was featured in a commercial for Bud Light in 2004.

The album track "W" featuring her collaboration with Planet Asia was nominated for a Grammy in 2001 for the brand new category, at the time, of Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

As of early 2007, Mystic was on a European tour along with fellow artists Dave Ghetto, Hezekiah and DJ Munch and working on her 2nd album.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GOBI - Plush - June 19, 2008

From the not your typical hip hop band department... Thanks to Dillon for the heads up! GOBI @ Plush tomorrow night, June 19 from 9 - 10pm. Free show!

GOBI's a Dance/Hip-Hop duo out of ATX. The vocalist was the captain of the Texas State Slam Team and the Coach for one year. They've collaborated with Zeale32 and have also played numerous shows with Zeale32, The Word Association, and Quickwidit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lil Wayne & Birdman - Travis County Expo Center - July 10, 2008

From the who's lickin who's lollipop department... Lil Wayne & Birdman @ Travis County Expo Center on July 10, 2008! Get tix @ Front Gate Tickets here. More details here!


One thing I learned on the bachelor trip, the oldest profession in the world is alive and well.

More info:

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982[1]), better known for his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. He met the Cash Money Records collective as a teenager and eventually recorded for the label. He was a member of the rap group, Hot Boys. Today he is one of the best-selling rappers in the world, which has brought him praise as well as disdain.[2]

He was born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. and grew up in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana.[3] Dwayne was in the gifted program at Lafayette Elementary School, and was in the drama club in middle school.[4] At age eleven, he met Bryan Williams, rapper and owner of Cash Money Records. Wayne recorded freestyle raps on Williams' answering machine; Williams would eventually mentor the young Wayne and include him in Cash Money-distributed songs.[5] He dropped out of school at age 14.[4] Wayne had a daughter named Reginae Carter with Antonia "Toya" Johnson, his high school sweetheart. The two later divorced.[6]

In an interview with Blender, Wayne revealed that one of his favorite bands growing up was Nirvana, including their song "Smells Like Teen Spirit".[7]

Slim Thug - Club Escapade 2000 - June 19, 2008

From the Tijuana kicked my ass department... Slim Thug @ Club Escapade 2000 on June 19th.


Well I'm back from the bachelor party in Tijuana. And it kicked my ass... Things to note... a business transaction sometimes is just a business transaction... and some things look alot better in the dark... and sake is still the best buzz in the world!

More to come as I digest the Tijuana weekend...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

R.O.T. Bike Rally Pre-Party - Light Bar - June 12, 2008

From the if you can read this the bitch fell off department... R.O.T. Bike Rally Pre-Party @ Light Bar on June 12th with DJ Brotha K.

More info:







Man it's going to be loud downtown this weekend. Too bad I'll miss all the fun, since I'll be in Tijuana for a bachelor party. Cialis here I cum!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

KPWR Hip Hop Showcase - Victory Grill - July 31, 2008

From the calling all artists department... The guys over at KPWR radio are putting together a hip hop showcase and benefit @ The Victory Grill on July31.

They are looking for artists be a part of this showcase. If you are interested, get in contact with Eric Bullet @ KPWR, see details below.


From Eric:

I'm trying to get a hip-hop showcase/benefit together for the people WILL radio

we couldn't pay anyone, but We will play you on the radio, if you can either mail me some CD's or e-mail me mp3's.

please no DJ's or freestylers.

It's east-side, free-form, community radio, you can find out more info on the website.
we recieve no funding, it's all volunteer, we raise money by throwing paries and shows.

We have the Victory Grill booked for thursday, july 31st.

I was thinking 25-30 minute sets so that we can feature as many acts as possible.
We are going to try to do a live remote. it really depends on how good of an internet connection we can get.

if ya'll are interested let me know either on Myspace
or email me:

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Interview: Dubb Sicks

AHHS recently got a chance to sit down with Dubb Sicks after releasing his latest album, "Mind in the Gutter". Read on to find out why looking trashy is not such a bad thing.

AHHS: Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

Dubb Sicks: I'm Dubb Sicks originally from Odessa, moved to Austin in late 2005 and have been smashing and grinding ever since. I go to everyones shows, enjoy women, alcohol, and the general night life. I'm out of line at times, but always handle my business. I'm a breath of fresh air to this scene and I'm doing my best to keep moving forward and expanding my horizons. Bang!

AHHS: Which is your latest CD? and how do you think it differs from your previous works?

Dubb Sicks: "Mind in the Gutter" is the new shit. It's a raw collective of storytelling tracks, anthems, introspective cuts, some comedy shit, and some of the most banging production this town has ever seen. With production from my regular producers S.Killz and R1 I've managed to keep it changing and moving musically while still keeping that eye popping boom bap shit I've been known for. My man Von Smear did a track and a little mixing, S. Killz did most of the mixing, and a highschool friend Charlie Johnson laced a beat for it that I love. The difference between this and "Sunrise Alcoholic" is simple: 1 word...Quality. I recorded on better equipment, used better mixed beats, had a better knowledge of what I needed to do recording wise, and knew my target audience. Gotta shout out my man N/A for recording most of the joints, Don Saltine for the cover art, and my man Nutter for the photog. It's just a really well rounded work in my humble opinion haha.

AHHS: What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

Dubb Sicks: Everything. Bums, Cracked out mothers, bartenders, suicide girls, children, old bitter ass people, life stories, my environment and the relationships inside it, other music, other hip-hop folks and the way they conduct business, mainstream media, underground secret societys, massive alcohol consumption, riding public transit, fucking hot ass summers, shitty jobs, police brutality, sexual satisfaction with numerous partners, trying relationships with women, books, movies, strip clubs, the war, government...shit there's alot of things that get me ticking and itching to sit down and write. It all depends on my mood and surroundings. I don't write many songs, but when I do I have alot of shit to say in a small amount of space so it has to be meaningful to me.

AHHS: Which artists inspire you the most? and why?

Dubb Sicks: Bob Dylan- Creativity, raw truth, underdog mentality. He wasn't the best singer, but his lyrics made you think. I've been on psychedelic drugs many a times banging his shit and trying to decode his messages.

Hunter S. Thompson- Amazing writer. My album is basically a gonzo-style novel. Fucker was off his rocker and that's what made him genius.

Charles Bukowski- I never read him until I was compared to him in an album review. Since then I have dove face first into his shit and he is a wild ass dude. Really reminds me of myself.
John Lennon- Innovator. Genus. Ahead of his time. The motherfucking Walrus. Need I say more???

And theres a bunch of random hip-hop that I bang. Non Phixion, Cage, Jedi Mind Tricks, Rakim, Wu Tang, MOP, Dead Prez, Rass Kass, Devin the Dude, ODB solo!!!!

AHHS: What has kept you from moving to cities with larger markets? especially since it's only been recently that Houston has blown up.

Dubb Sicks: I have a lease until December 2008. After that I may explore a little. But I feel like I need to do a little more here before I smash out. Phranchyze and me have a tour coming up that should tell me alot about what I need to do. I'll be hitting the east coast in late Sept. early October and that should gauge my options and let me test Austin out alongside some other spots. I tell you, it's tough to leave a place with this much hip-hop and this many bars and young college chicks ahaa. Houston blowing up has nothing to do with what I do. Different shit. I respect some of it, they respect some of my shit. I feel like I'm doing shit in Texas that nobody has heard before and that's how I like it.

AHHS: How do you see the scene locally? and where do you see it going?

Dubb Sicks: There's mad talent. Alot of the cats with the most talent don't want to grind. They may grind in the studio, but why you gonna put out a dope ass album that only you and your homeboys hear? Why you gonna sit home and spend your paper on weed and video games instead of on stickers and fliers and be out on the streets meeting people and getting the name out. Go to someone else's shows!!!! You'll meet potential fans. There's a shitload of talent here, but everyone wanna act broke when someone else is having a show or an event. When I first moved here I felt a rift between the older cats and the newer generation, but recently I have seen some of the older wiser cats lending out advice and giving cats valuable info about this place. I can say there should be more unity, but thats cliche. People need to get serious about what they are doing. I know it's had when you got kids and jobs and wives and girlfriends and shit, but if this is what you really want to do and it's more than a hobby you gotta make some moves and guit waiting on the train to stop and pick you up.

AHHS: What is your favorite venue to perform at? and why?

Dubb Sicks: The one with the biggest crowd. I don't give a shit about a venue. I want energy. I want participation. Take PLUSH for example. It's a shithole of a bar. But when Table Manners have that fucker popping off it's a damn basement style house party and everyone is having a good time. It don't matter if you're in a parking lot spitting over a karaoke machine on top of an '88 Honda Civic...if people are getting rowdy and the crowd is apeshit; thats a party to me.

AHHS: Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

Dubb Sicks: No. I need more than 3...

Crew 54
Smoke Jumpers
Phran and Zeale
Tee Dub
Flynn D
Cali Zack

There's a LOT more. Like I said, there's mad talent here.

AHHS: What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

Dubb Sicks: If you perform for free too much, promoters are gonna expect not to pay for your service. This shit has value. There's no reason random shitty rock band gets paid and you don't. If all acts stop performing for free so much, we can start getting everyone a little paper instead of just promoters and the bars we bring people to.

AHHS: And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

Dubb Sicks: I'm not very successful yet. So I guess that's why only trashy broads like me. haaahahahahha No offense if you like me. You may not be trashy. You might just look a little trashy. And that's not always bad. Some people like trashy chicks. Suicide girls get famous too.

AHHS: Any parting words?

Dubb Sicks: Get "Mind in the Gutter" at Cheapo or Waterloo Records. Listen to it. Come to my shows. Buy me drinks. Check out or I appreciate the interview.

Friday, June 06, 2008

RZA as Bobby Digital - Emo's - June 11, 2008

From the receding hairline department... Thanks to Kristyn for the heads up! RZA as Bobby Digital featuring Stone Mecca @ Emo's on June 11th!


Have a good weekend everyone! Always remember the top rule of happiness is Shit, Shower, Shave and you'll do just fine...

More info:

Robert Diggs (born July 5, 1969), better known as RZA (pronounced /ˈɹɪzʌ/), is an American music producer, rapper, and occasional actor. A prominent figure in hip hop music, he is the de facto leader of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. He has produced almost all of Wu-Tang Clan's albums as well as many Wu-Tang solo and affiliate projects. Lately he has gained more attention for his work in films, whether it be on screen or as a composer of original film scores.

He has also released solo albums under the alter-ego Bobby Digital, who concerns himself only with the lawless aspect of the male power fantasy: women, drugs, alcohol and shooting guns. In addition to the Wu-Tang Clan and his solo releases, RZA was also a founding member of the rap group, Gravediggaz, where he used the name, The Rzarector.

Currently RZA is working on his new Bobby Digital album, Digi Snax, as well as the highly-anticipated sequel to Raekwon's mafioso rap classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.... He has also confirmed he has co-produced a track on the highly-anticipated Dr. Dre album Detox.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dilated Peoples - Emo's - June 9, 2008

From the Hip Hop explosion next week department... Thanks to Elliot for the heads up! The joint tour, Fresh Rhymes and Videotape with Dilates Peoples, The Alchemist, Aceyalone, & 88-Keys @ Emo's next Monday, June 9th!


Mom's eye is swollen and dry but in good health! She does however walk around with humongous eye boogers all day! She's an eye booger making factory!

More info:

Dilated Peoples is an underground hip hop group residing in California. They have achieved great fame in the underground hip hop community, although they have had little mainstream success in the US, with the exception of the song "This Way", a collaboration with Kanye West, in 2004. They have reached the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart with two tracks, "This Way" and "Worst Comes to Worst". Their members include DJ Babu (producer/DJ), Evidence (rapper/producer) and Rakaa Iriscience (rapper).

Its members, DJ Babu from the DJ crew Beat Junkies, Evidence, and Rakaa joined together in 1992 and released "Third Degree" and "Work the Angles" on ABB Records, developing a solid fan base in the underground hip hop community. They recorded an album "Imagery, Battle Hymns & Political Poetry", which was never released, although many fans do have it on bootleg. They eventually signed to Capitol Records and released The Platform (2000) to more critical acclaim. Their second set Expansion Team was released in 2001 led by The Alchemist-produced "Worst Comes To Worst", which utilised a vocal sample from Mobb Deep's "Survival Of The Fittest" and a musical sample from William Bell's "I Forgot To Be Your Lover". Their third album, Neighborhood Watch, was released in 2004 and debuted at #55 on USA's Billboard 200 Albums Chart. In addition to the Kanye West-produced single, "This Way", it featured the single "Who's Who?", which was also included as a track on the Need for Speed: Underground and SSX 3 soundtracks, and peaked at #35 on the UK Singles Chart. Their latest album, 20/20, was released in 2006; the debut single, "Back Again", is featured on the Fight Night Round 3 soundtrack. This is the third EA Games Soundtrack on which the group has been featured. "Back Again" is also featured on Sony's MLB 06: The Show.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pieced Together - Gallery Lombardi - June 7, 2008

From the I wish I could write letters on walls that no one could read department... Pieced Together: The All Texas Graffiti Art Show @ Gallery Lombardi on June 7th!

From Rachel Koper of Gallery Lombardi:

Get up on the downstroke, Pieced Together opens this Saturday Night and yall'd better come correct. June 7th 7-10pm will feature 13 aerosol artists from all over Texas. We'll have Djs Orion, Innerlign, Grommit and the Herd. We'll have live panel painting by Won Kim, aka Revise from Chicago, sponsored by Spanish Montana and We'll have a special performance by the Reverand Butter from Houston. This artists reception is free and all ages.

Bonus++ Official Pieced Together Afterparty with The Yard & Chicago's Dj Gengis Won +++ at Plush 7th & Red River, on June 7, Sat. 10pm-2am.

In the Gallery we have a model train display, large canvases, small marker pieces, and huge panels. We have colorful clean letters, hearts & skulls, and black and white portraits of ODB and Tupac. I've added some new photos of the art here: and here Come out Saturday if you can, if not the show will be open Tues - Sat noon - 6pm Tuesdays through Saturdays until July 5th. Tell your friends.

Very big thanks go out to Big Shot Toys,, Montana Colors. This show is curated by Nathan Nordstrom and Rachel Koper for your viewing pleasure. I don't usually add attachments, but here is "Gangster Grill" by Enks.

Featured Artists Include:
Enks & Supher from San Antonio
Color & Gonzo from Houston
Soner & Ucron from Dallas
Grave & DuRock from El Paso
Dmise & News from Da Valley
Mez, Spain & Sloke from Austin TX

Trae - Spiros - June 6, 2008

From the dip baby, dip department... Trae @ Spiros on June 6th... I like the tag line... "18 to dip, 21 to sip"... ooowee that's got me riled up!


I've made the drive down to Houston last night and I'm always impressed with myself when I drive to and from Houston... the drive is about 3 hours... and half way through the drive I'm usually about to burst! And I mean burst! I then continuously tell myself that the next exit I'll stop at the nearest gas station and relieve myself... but I never do... cuz being a small Asian guy, I'm scared to stop at a dirty ol' gas station in the middle of no where for fear of life... I've seen too many movies and the Asian dude never makes it. And that's Tha Truth!

More info:

Trae (born Frasier Thompson III on July 3, 1980) is a Southern rapper from Houston, Texas, United States. With his cousin Z-Ro, he is a part of the underground rap group Screwed Up Click. Trae and Z-Ro, along with Trae's other cousin Dougie D,[1] are the founding members of the group Guerilla Maab. Trae has a little brother "Jay-Ton" who is also a rapper and part of ABN.

Trae first gained exposure on the Houston rap scene in 1998 when he made his rapping debut on Z-Ro's album Look What You Did to Me. In 2003, he began his solo career with the album Losing Composure. Same Thing Different Day (2004), the acclaimed Restless (2006), and now his latest release entitled "Life Goes On" . Trae is no longer signed to Rap-A-Lot records.

Trae's trademark is a low, deep, guttural voice. His flow is very fast. In these two areas his style is somewhat reminiscent of Z-Ro's and Flesh-N-Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Trae sometimes, though not always, mixes multiple vocal layers into his songs. His voice might be a little lower to that of Yung Joc. He is good friends with Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer In The City - Headhunters Club - June 5, 2008

From the taking mom to cataract's surgery tomorrow department... Summer In The City @ Headhunters Club on June 5th featuring Young Nick, Zeale 32, Brokebread, and DJ Berlin.

Now that should be a good show and it's definitely Summer In The City cuz it's freakin hot out there... I mean it's so hot, my butt cheeks are sticking together from the sweat!

This is only the first part of a two part series, so stay tuned for some more ass smackin goodness.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Chris Brown - Frank Erwin Center - July 2, 2008

From the teenybopper department... Chris Brown @ Frank Erwin Center on July 2nd. Get your tickets early, on June 4th @ 10am - June 6th @ 10pm, here with the code EXCLUSIVE.


So at lunch today, the sweet, but stinky girl at work said she did not want to eat the kimchi because it would make her breath stinky. Another coworker said, "And that's different how?"

More info:

Christopher Maurice Brown (born May 5, 1989)[1] is an American R&B singer-songwriter, dancer, music video director and actor.

In late 2005, he released his first studio album, Chris Brown, which spawned the Billboard Hot 100 number-one debut single, "Run It!" which was produced by Scott Storch and featured Juelz Santana. The album also produced two other top ten singles: "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" and "Say, Goodbye." Brown's second studio album, Exclusive was released worldwide in November 2007. It has spawned his second US number one hit, "Kiss Kiss" which was produced by T-Pain, who was also featured in the song . The third single, "With You", has reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has entered into the top ten in several countries across the world, becoming one of his most successful worldwide releases to date.

The second single, "Kiss Kiss", was nominated for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in the category for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Brown, one of two children, was born and raised in the small town of Tappahannock, Virginia, the son of Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown.[2] Brown was influenced by the artists his parents played on the home radio, such as Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke.[3] A dancer since the age of two, Brown was not aware of his vocal talents until the age of eleven. Before becoming a vocalist, he was interested in becoming a rapper.[4]

At thirteen, Brown was discovered by a local production team who visited his father's gas station searching for new talent.[5] Since then, he began his recording career and moved to New York, staying there for two years. Brown's local production team organized an audition before Def Jam Vice President Tina Davis, who currently works as his manager. At the age of 15, Brown was then sent to perform for L.A. Reid and was subsequently signed in 2004 to Jive Records. By early 2005, Brown began work for his debut album, working with the likes of Scott Storch, The Underdogs, Dre, Vidal, Bryan Michael Cox, Bow Wow, and Jermaine Dupri.

Superstar Tuesdays - Tap Room - June 3, 2008

From the Henry-Diggie orgy department... Thanks to Richard Henry for the heads up! Superstar Tuesdays, a new weekly @ the Tap Room every Tuesday nights starting at 10pm. The Austin Hip-Hop Porn show stars Richard Henry and Crop Diggie of Superstar DJs.

It's no Jenna vs Jenna, but I'll go for the free pool!