Monday, April 03, 2006

Kinetic Music 10 Yr Anniversary Party - Antones - April 20, 2006

Mirage from Kinetic Global and MelodicScience Recordings wrote to tell us about their bangin' 10 year anniversary party! Festivities will be at the legendary Antones... ya'll know where that is... on April 20th... and tix will be $5... so ya'll get hustlin' now and stop stealin' from your baby momma's cookie jars.

From Mirage:

"Kinetic Global and MelodicScience Recordings was founded on the needs and ideas of the recording industry and to fully tap into and expose new undeveloped talent. This event will feature various organizations from the music sector to inform area Hip Hop artist or business owners about the various outlets for musicians in Austin. To bridge gaps between artist,community and city is the key focus of this event
Come and join us in celebrating Austin Hip Hop!!."

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