Saturday, May 31, 2008

E.S.G. - Ruta Maya - May 31, 2008

From the delegate dispute department... Thanks to MaddBuddah for the heads up! E.S.G. @ Ruta Maya tonight, May 31st.


Watching the DNC panel talk about the delegate dispute, it's amazing to watch this process. Everyone is talking about unity. Life is not fair, if you don't follow the rules, don't cry when you get b*tch slapped!

More info:

E.S.G. (born Cedric Hill) is a rapper from Houston, Texas (though he was born in Louisiana and moved to Houston after he finished college) who trailblazed through the late-'90s movement and helped popularize the "Screwed and Chopped" which was created by DJ Screw and a style associated with his onetime home, Wreckshop Records. The "Everyday Street Gangsta" made his first major move in 1995 when Perrion Entertainment released "Ocean of Funk", which featured his breakthrough single, "Swangin' and Bangin'" and its accompanying "Chopped and Screwed" mix. The mix became just as popular as the song itself, if not more so. This success inspired Perrion to reissue the most impressive songs from Ocean of Funk ("Swangin' and Bangin'", "Crooked Streets," and "Smoke On") on "Sailin' da South", this album distributed widely by Priority. Following these related 1995 albums by Perrion, E.S.G. maintained a low profile while imprisoned yet continued to reap the continuing success of Sailin' da South as its reach spread beyond Texas. He returned from prison in 1998 with a dark album for Blackhearted called "Return of the Living Dead". Around this time, E.S.G. took on an increasingly hardcore stance, presumably in response to the rising competition throughout the Dirty South movement. He next joined forces with Wreckshop Records, an up-and-coming Houston label driven by the reputation of the immortalized DJ Screw, and recorded a pair of albums, "Shinin' & Grindin'" in 1999 and "City Under Siege" in 2000, as well as a chopped and screwed remix of the latter. By this point considered one of the eminent rappers in Texas alongside Lil' Keke, Fat Pat, UGK, and Lil' Troy. E.S.G. capitalized on his reputation by co-establishing his own label, S.E.S. Records. The label's first release, Boss Hoggs Outlaws in 2001, paired the rapper with newcomer Slim Thug and sought to initiate S.E.S. among the increasingly crowded Dirty South market.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

DJ Swamp - Karma Lounge - May 31, 2008

From the sex olympics department... Thanks to DJ Tako for the heads up! DJ Swamp @ Karma Lounge on May 31st with DJ Tako, Aspekt, Bomber, J.G., Notion and Bastard Elements.

DJ Swamp does fire and spins? That can't be good for the vinyls?!?


Austin Beat Battle vsThe Gathering - Karma Lounge - May 29, 2008

From the Beat-Gathering orgy department... Thanks to Adrian for the heads up! Austin Beat Battle vs The Gathering @ Karma Lounge tonight, May 29th @ 10pm. Blacklisted Individuals will be showcasing with Project Dead hosting.

I imagine a fight scene like in Michael Jackson's "Beat It" breaking out tonight!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr. Dibbs - Whisky Bar - May 30, 2008

From the stressing Twitter department... Thanks to Clemits for the heads up! Mr. Dibbs @ Whisky Bar on May 30th with Rob Viktum, Clemits, and DJ Tats.


FYI, if you're looking for some great sushi, check out Uchi on Lamar. It's an orgasm in your mouth! The place does get packed, so be prepared to wait 1:30+... but it's well worth it... you can drink sake while you wait and end up paying for it all with your first newborn, an arm and a leg.

More info:

Brad Forste,[1] better known as Mr. Dibbs, is a DJ and hip hop producer. The founder of the turntablist collective 1200 Hobos, he has also appeared on numerous underground hip hop records as producer or DJ as well as releasing a number of solo works.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Forste was introduced to DJing around 1985, when he saw Grandmaster Flash performing on the syndicated light news/entertainment show PM Magazine, but "didn't really understand what he did". After watching an MTV broadcast of Grand Mixer DXT performing with Herbie Hancock on the latter's 1980 single "Rockit", he learned the hand motions and began to learn scratching himself. He estimates that he spent six months "getting the hang of" scratching, subsequently spending two years "cutting and scratching to whatever was on TV" to practise.[2]

Dibbs formed his own turntablist crew, the 1200 Hobos, in the early 1990s.[3] The crew's rotating line-up has included Buck 65, Adeem, Sixtoo, Doseone, Jel, DJ Abilities, Adverse, and DJ Signify among others, and at its largest numbered 23 members.[4] They have released two mixtapes.[3]

Lil Sicc - Club Fuze - May 29, 2008

From the Ray Allen's wife says he can't put it in the hole department... Thanks to Lil Sicc for the heads up! Lil Sicc @ Club Fuze tomorrow, May 29th for his CD release party and DJ Woodywood's Bday party. Mike D of the Screwed Up Click will be in the house!


Spurs are like Hillary Clinton... old school... and done... stick a fork in 'em and let's get it over with.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Austin Film Festival Presents… Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome - Alamo Drafthouse Lakecreek - May 29, 2008

From the crazy Memorial Day camping department... Thanks to Kristen for the heads up! Austin Film Festival Presents… Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome @ Alamo Drafthouse Lakecreek on May 29th for one night only!


So did some primitive camping this Memorial Day for my buddy's bachelor party, don't ask, that's what he wanted. No strippers and panties flying, it was 5 guys and a hole in the ground with a toilet seat on a wooden square frame! Brokeback baby!

More info:

Austin Film Festival Presents…
Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome


Thursday, May 29, 7:30PM, Alamo Drafthouse Lakecreek (13729 Research Blvd).

$4 Public

Public Enemy's 20 year career has had a monumental impact on the music world. Robert Patton-Spruill's WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME chronicles their legacy, their history and what icons of the music world say about their influence.

Two decades later, the most controversial rap group of the 80's is all grown up...and still touring. Their ability to weave serious messages of activism and societal ills into completely accessible songs revolutionized rap and hip-hop. Artists such as the Beastie Boys, Tom Morello (Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine), Henry Rollins, Talib Kweli and Jonathan Davis of Korn reflect on the group's power. With live concert footage from near and far--Moscow, Rio, Italy, Spain, the UK and finally Austin, Texas--Public Enemy demonstrates they still have the power to get the crowd on their feet with insanely infectious music and relentless beats. With an album of new material out this year, Public Enemy is ready to terrorize your town. So raise your fist in the air and don't miss this historic, must-see music documentary.

"Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome" is among the best of its kind -- intimate, powerful, politically astute and absorbing. One needn't be a PE fan or even a rap fan to find something enthralling in this definitive portrait of a group and an era that changed the face of popular music. – Variety

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Panoramic Utopia - Karma Lounge - May 22, 2008

From the glad to be back in Austin department... Panoramic Utopia (DJ Drez & Zaire Black) @ Karma Lounge on May 22nd for The Gathering.


Ahh... back in Austin and on the couch, where I belong! I am so tired! The conference this week was insane and crazy and I learned alot. Last night for the closing ceremonies, Hootie & the Blowfish performed and then I proceeded to get plastered... good times!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bun B - MusicMania - May 21, 2008

From the this is gonna be a quickie department... MusicMania wrote in to tell us about the Bun B autograph signing @ MusicMania on Wednesday, May 21st before the show!


Sorry guys, I'm damn tired being here at Disney World! These conferences are crazy! I'll post when I can. Let me know how the show goes! Peace.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Above All Entertainment - Light Bar - May 16, 2008

From the headed to Disney Orlando for work department... Above All Entertainment @ Light Bar on May 16th with appearance by "Hi Def".

I wonder how that wedgie feels on "Hi Def". I guess it must be tough trying to look so good.


Well just found out I'm headed to Orlando on Sunday and I'll be there till Thursday, so I'm unfortunately going to be missing Bun B. So ya'll write in and let me know how it goes!

More info:

Above All Entertainment was formed by CEO Clinton (Checkmate) Davis Jr. in 2002. He determined to follow thru with his father's dream. That dream was making music, and forming a dominant record label. His whole life changed after the loss of his father in the W.T.C. 9-11-01 tragedy. Since this day he has put his heart and soul into making this career successful. Checkmate even dropped out of college to put more hours into promotions/marketing. In 2006 Checkmate secured a distribution deal with Bayside/Tower Records. Above All released their first worldwide album on july 25th 2006 (Impac - Almost Famous) with beats from platinum producers such as (Carnival beats, and Fantom of the beats) That project went on to sell over 3,000 copies in just 5 weeks! they got up to 350 bds spins for the single off that album "Right Tonight". Linking up with Noizemob in 07 and KreamTeam management Checkmate has formed one of the biggest,strongest affiliations in the indenpendent market! After Industrial Strenff was released with noizemob in 07 GUtta was quoted "The Rewind King" and early this year he received " The lyricist of the year " award at the 1st annual Austin Hip Hop Awards.Checkmate and Gutta are stopping at no cost to be the new face, new sound of texas. checkmate says this... "By the end of 08 I want Gutta and I to be considered the Puffy and Biggie of our time!" Checkmate hopes to meet and exceed his expectations for success. AAE has already secured over 500,000 youtube views and over 5 million plays and views combined on myspace as well as over 2 million friends.Checkmate's support and love in the Uk has him very confident in 08. Win or lose he has enjoyed the experience of the music industry. Checkmate is also glad to see that after Impac's release... majority of those young guys are now at Langston University! Knowing that his father is proud and Above All Ent. has changed several lives around him, he can't help but to have his head to the sky. It's been a long time coming and Above All Ent. will continue to deliver the best possible music for all hip hop/rap lovers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bun B - Emo's - May 21, 2008

From the hosted by your "Dennis Haysbert" wannabe, Bavu Blakes department... Bun B @ Emo's on May 21st! And that's not all... Gerald G, Staci Russell, Pimpin Pen, Dred Skott, Southbound, and DJ Rapid Ric! Get your tix here!

Also catch Bun B @ MusicMania on May 21st @ 5pm for a store appearance!


Man Hillary Clinton must be smokin some good shit! I wish I had some of that!

More info:

Bernard Freeman (born March 19, 1973), better known by his stage name Bun B, is a rapper and one half (with the late Pimp C) of Southern hip hop act UGK from Port Arthur, Texas. He now resides in Pearland, but works in Houston where he is a member of Rap-A-Lot Records, an underground hip hop record label. He is also co-owner of Trill Entertainment with the late Pimp C.

Bun B's first major appearances was on Jay Z's song Big Pimpin' with Pimp C & Three 6 Mafia's Sippin' on Some Syrup, together known as UGK, then with Houston's emergence as a hip hop hotbed in 2005, Bun made guest appearances on numerous albums by Houston rappers as well as other artists throughout the South. Among his more notable collaborations are "3 Kings" by Slim Thug (also featuring T.I.), "They Don't Know" by Paul Wall (also featuring Mike Jones), "Gimme That" by Webbie, and "23-Hr. Lockdown" by the Ying Yang Twins, a song dedicated to Pimp C and other songs such as "Hold Up" featuring Chamillionare and Stat Quo and also "Stay In Ya Place" featuring Pitbull. While the majority of his collaborations have been with relatively popular, mainstream Southern artists, Bun has also worked with little-known and maverick Southerners such as Little Brother and Trae. He also made his mark on albums from other regions including Lil' Kim's The Naked Truth ("We Don't Give a Fuck") and Beanie Sigel's acclaimed The B. Coming ("Purple Rain")and also da bottom volume four.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hip-Hop Theatre Explosion - The Vortex Theatre - May 22 - 24, 2008

From the dreaming of being an alpaca farmer department... Hip-Hop Theatre Explosion @ The Vortex Theatre on May 22nd - 24th hosted by Zell Miller III.

Performances by Blacklisted Individuals, Public Offenders, and too lazy to list...


Have you ever seen this infomercial on late night tv about being an alpaca farmer?!? They're like mini furry giraffes. I think they stared in Napoleon Dynamite the movie. Lately I've been thinking about a new profession in alpaca farming!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pamela V. & Angela - Club Fuze - May 17, 2008

From the can't wait to show my man nipples department... Pamela V and Angela @ Club Fuze on May 17th (my bday!) hosted by Chingo Bling with performances by JKapone and the Top Dollar Family and DJ La D Da!


Angela... I think I'm in love! But that 80's hair-do's gotta go!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kealing Middle Schoolers - Kealing Middle School - May 15, 2008

From the Happy Mother's Day department... the students @ Kealing Middle School will be performing on May 15th a rap song they wrote and produced.

This is all part of an afterschool program called Destiny by Design sponsored by the Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center.

With the assistance of local artists including DJ Baby G, Tee Double, Lady Legacy, Gerald G, DaBosnian, AC, Wes Sanders, Recon, Capoeira da Rua, Guerilla Productions ATX, LuxuryMindz, Tosin, and Dat Boi Drew, a class of 7th and 8th graders studied the history and techniques of hip-hop culture.

Weekly meetings over the course of the Spring semester will culminate with a performance by the kids on the Kealing Cafeteria stage at 4:00 the afternoon of Thursday May 15th.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dubb Sicks - Troubadour Saloon - May 8, 2008

From the runs got me a prisoner in my own house department... Thanks to Dubb Sicks for the heads up. Dubb Sicks, Sick and Spyder, and Focus Group @ Troubadour Saloon tonight. Free show so leave your wallets at home and just get blazed at home before you go.


I think it was the sushi I ate for lunch yesterday, but I'm married to the toilet the last 2 days. My ass is sore from sitting so much.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

World Trade - Karma Lounge - May 8, 2008

From the Hillary needs to get laid department... World Trade (Bavu Blakes and Element7d) @ Karma Lounge on May 8th! Man oh man The Gathering tomorrow should be sick, in addition to World Trade, Global (we still gotta do lunch), Crew54, Gerald G, DJ Notion and DJ Knowledge will also be performing!


So what do you think about starting a campaign to get Hillary Clinton laid?!? I'm proposing, then maybe she'll get off of Obama's d*ck!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Z-Ro - Escapade 2000 - May 8, 2008

From the borderline Austin City Limits department... Z-Ro @ Escapade 2000 on May 9th.

I would list the other artist on the ticket, but unfortunately I can't read the font on the flyer. I can make out Pimpin Pen and Gerald G.


Man the Indiana primary is more exciting than the NBA Finals!

More info:

Joseph Wayne McVey (born June 6, 1976) better known by his stage name Z-Ro, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas, known for his "up-from-nothing" rise to fame, flexibility in rhyme and extensive collaboration with other rap artists and musicians. Z-Ro's popularity has increased rapidly, as he has been featured on Bun B's single "Draped Up" with Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Lil Flip,Lil Keke,and Aztek Escobar and also on Chamillionaire's "Won't Let You Down" featuring a plethora of Houston-based rappers. Before being incarcerated prior to the release of I'm Still Livin', Z-Ro stated in an interview that the album would be his last. This statement was later retracted after the 2007 release of his mixtape Power. Recently, in an interview on Houston radio station 97.9 The Box, Trae confirmed that he and Z-Ro would be releasing another ABN album titled "It Is What It Is", Sometime during late June or early July. Rumors have also been circulating that Z-Ro will be releasing another album after the ABN album titled "Cracc" in Mid/Late 2008. Z-Ro says he gave it that name because of 2 reasons; all the hard work he put into the album and because he was addicted to working on it.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Devin the Dude - Ruta Maya's - May 10, 2008

From the 1st weekend I don't gotta work department... Thanks to N8Dawg for the heads up! Devin the Dude & The Coughee Brothaz @ Ruta Maya's on Saturday, May 10th!


My lazy ass went out for a run this morning and now I'm suffering from that decision.

More info:

Devin the Dude (born Devin Copeland) is a Houston hip hop rapper, known for his long career signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. The New York Times called him "A brilliant oddball with a spaced-out flow."[1]

Born in St. Petersburg, FL, and later moved to Texas while in the fourth grade. As a child he went back and forth from New Boston and Houston and finally settled in the latter after he graduated high school. In the late '80s, Devin met Rob Quest, a blind rapper and producer who was part of a Houston crew called the Coughee Brothas. Later on, the duo formed a group named the Odd Squad and recruited Devin's long-time friend Jugg Mugg and a local DJ named DJ Screw. While not having been able to achieve mainstream success, Devin has developed a following in underground hip hop due to his relaxed and often comedic approach to lyrics and rhyming.

Copeland started out as a member of Odd Squad, a group of rappers signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, home of fellow rappers Geto Boys, Scarface, Too Much Trouble, etc. Odd Squad released their first album Fadanuf Fa Erybody!! in 1994. A follow-up has been rumored, but no official release date has been set.[citation needed]

Between 1994 and 1996, Devin made various guest appearances, most notably on "Hand of the Dead Body" (from Scarface's The Diary), where he sang the hook. In 1995, he was recruited as part of Scarface's supergroup Facemob, which released The Other Side of the Law in 1996 and the almost secret Silence in 2002, though the latter was created without Scarface and Devin.

The world got a first glimpse of Devin as a solo artist on Scarface's 1998 double album My Homies, which featured early versions of "Boo Boo'n" and "Show 'Em", and "Fuck Faces". Later that year, Devin emerged as a fully-fledged solo artist with the release of his album, The Dude.