Sunday, April 23, 2006

Devin the Dude - The Back Room - April 30, 2006

Woah! Devin the Dude is gonna hit The Back Room! Awesome! Along with DJ Rapid Ric and the Whut It Dew family... all on April 30th... daum... this is starting to be a great weekend! Whut with Eeyore's Birthday Party... the Slam-off!... and now Devin! Pass that blunt over Devin! Whut! Whut!

From Wikipedia:

Devin the Dude (born Devin Copeland, is a Houston-area rapper. Though relatively well-known among the underground hip-hop community during the mid-to-late 1990s, Devin did not achieve mainstream success until his breakout performance on the single F*** You on Dr Dre's 2001 album. Since then, The Dude has released two albums, Just Tryin to Live, and To Tha X-treme. Devin has worked with numerous artists in the hip-hop industry, ranging from The Roots and De La Soul to Xzibit and Jake the Snake and Nas. He was also a member of the southern rap groups "Odd Squad" and "Facemob."

Besides sex, relationships, smoking marijuana, partying, and conscious or proverbial themes, much of Devin's work is also light-hearted and comically self-deprecating.

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