Friday, August 29, 2008

Los Bad Apples - Lucky Lounge - August 29, 2008

From Superman to the Shocker (check the flyer) department... Thanks to Anita for the heads up! Los Bad Apples & DJ Rapid Ric @ Lucky Lounge on Aug 29th!


What do you think of McCain's VP pick?!? Sarah Palin is a MILF! Or rather VPILF! It would be nice to see (.)(.) in the Ovary Office... sorry Oval Office! ;) But not this year, it's all Obama!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

B-Boy City - Ruta Maya - August 31, 2008

From the DNC is some boring ass shit department... Thanks to Joseph for the heads up! B-Boy competition @ Ruta Maya on Aug 31st!


So we all know the term, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". So what happens when someone tells their wife and spreads stories of debauchery? I think someone is going to get killed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Video: Nas - Emo's - August 24, 2008 by Larry

Thanks to Larry over at Mashfest for keeping those of us, who couldn't make the Nas show, feel like we were there with this video from the show! Wish I was at the show :( instead of with a stripper... "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)"...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Inside Out - Headhunters - August 29, 2008

From the (.)(.) department... Inside Out the Labor Day Kickoff @ Headhunters on Aug 29th with performances by Shanka D-Russ, Young Nick, Syndrome, Higher Than Why, Cali Zack, Broke Bread, Dubb Sicks and Jae the Saint!


Back from Vegas babay! Tired but good times... filled with strippers, sex show on balcony and group diarrhea... it was crazy... more to come in the next few days... so stay tuned! I will leave you by saying that 14 guys eating McDonald's for 3 days straight will result in the same outcome... a not so happy ending. Flush...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spin Alley - Red Eyed Fly - August 30, 2008

From the Vegas babay, (.)(.) blublublublu department... Thanks to Ratarue for the heads up! Spin Alley @ Red Eyed Fly on Aug 30th.

Spin Alley, a mix of Screamo and Hip Hop, perform live at the Red Eye Fly Aug. 30th. Back at the great Red Eyed Fly by popular demand. Come early and enjoy...This is not to be missed. Be ready to mosh it up and get rowdy. This most likely will be Spin Alley's last show in Austin before their album debut this fall. Spin Alley have been playing to nearly sold out shows and have opened up for the likes of Chamillionaire at the Texas Expo Center at the Texas Heat Wave. Spin Alley provides a highly energetic sound that blends Rock, Hip Hop, and Screamo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cool Kids - Emo's - August 20, 2008

From the WTF it's sunny again department... Thanks to Beronica for the heads up! The Cool Kids, Free Sol and DJ Mel @ Emo's on Aug 20th!


My manager poured tea on my laptop and it stopped working! So I left work and took a vacation and trying to dry my laptop with my hairdryer. I'll let you know how it goes.

More info:

The Cool Kids is a hip hop duo from Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. The duo consists of Antoine "Mikey Rocks" Reed (originally from Matteson, Illinois) and Evan "Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll (originally from Mount Clemens, Michigan).[1] The Cool Kids' music has been released primarily via their MySpace page, but have been signed to the independent Chocolate Industries via their own label C.A.K.E Recordings. Reed and Ingersoll have collaborated with several other musical artists and made appearances in numerous media.

The members of The Cool Kids met in 2005 when Reed found a beat on the Internet that Ingersoll had produced.[1] The two met to discuss terms of the beat's sale, and eventually ended up recording for two hours.[2] They were inspired by hip hop in the 1980s and artists like Eric B. & Rakim.[3] Ingersoll began promoting the new duo's material, and it was eventually booked by Josh Young of Flosstradamus for a DJ performance.[2] At this performance (in a venue called Town Hall Pub), the duo met the DJ Diplo who offered to release a mixtape of their unreleased tracks titled Totally Flossed Out on his label Mad Decent, though it was eventually released on C.A.K.E. Recordings.[4] They also received an offer from the DJ A-Trak to sign to his Fool's Gold label,[4] which they did, but only for one single.[5]

Until recently, all material had been released solely on the band's MySpace page[3]—their recording contract came after performances at the CMJ Music Festival and Pitchfork Music Festival, on July 15, 2007.[1][6] Eventually, The Cool Kids signed to Chocolate Industries, another independent label.[5] The band has revealed on its MySpace page that The Cool Kids' debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, will be released in 2008.[7] Ingersoll has been the producer for tracks released thus far,[8] but both work in rapping and production.[9] The duo uses music software program Reason from Propellerhead Software to produce their music.[10]

Monday, August 18, 2008

Live in the ATX - Monarch Event Center - August 23, 2008

From the you so KAZI department... Thanks to Yolanda for the heads up! Live in the ATX part of KAZI 88.7 Summerfest @ Monarch Event Center on Aug 23rd with Ivan Ives, Joeske, Candice and A.R.

Check out the full KAZI 88.7 Summerfest schedule here!


Do you think the Chinese women gymnasts have started stuffing their bras with tissue to make them look older?!? I am skeptical that Chinese women have boobies that size! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Common - Stubb's - September 11, 2008

From the stay tuned for some kick ass shows department... Common @ Stubb's on Sept 11th! Tickets are $25 dollars, not too bad, you can get them here!


GroovyLube on Guadalupe is my new favorite place to get an oil change. I hate oil changes, I wish someone would just drive to your car and perform the service. But I think I've found a keeper, until my Asian paranoia thinks they're ripping me off. :) GroovyLube is fairly close to my house a plus. Right next to a coffee shop with wireless, another plus. And the coffee shop has hot girls, super duper plus! Woohoo!

More info:

Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (born March 13, 1972), better known by his stage name Common (and previously known as Common Sense), is an American hip hop artist and actor. Common debuted in 1992 with the album Can I Borrow A Dollar? and maintained a significant underground following into the late 90s, after which he gained notable mainstream success through his work with the Soulquarians. His first major label album, Like Water for Chocolate, received widespread critical acclaim and moderate commercial success. Its popularity was matched by 2005's Be, which was nominated in the 2006 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album. Common was awarded his second Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, for "Southside" (featuring Kanye West) (from Finding Forever), his first Grammy was awarded in 2003 for Best R&B Song for Love Of My Life with Erykah Badu.[1][2] His best-of album Thisisme Then was released on November 27, 2007. Common has also intiated a burgeoning acting career, starring significant roles in such films as Smokin' Aces, Street Kings, American Gangster, and Wanted.

Common was born in Chicago, where he was raised, the son of educator Ann Hines and former ABA basketball player turned youth counselor Lonnie Lynn. Common's parents divorced when he was six years old, resulting in his father moving to Denver, Colorado.[3] This left Common to be raised by his mother, but his father remained active in his life and even landed Common a job with the Chicago Bulls during his teen years.[4] While a student at Luther High School South in Chicago, Common also formed C.D.R., a rap trio that opened for acts such as N.W.A. and Big Daddy Kane.[4] Common later left this group when he attended Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA to study business administration.[4]

Saturday, August 16, 2008

DJ Eleven - Whisky Bar - August 16, 2008

From the Pineapple Express department... Shazaam!!! @ DJ Eleven, Nick Nack, and Crew54 @ Whisky Bar tonight, Aug 16th!


Saw Pineapple Express last night and I've gotta say it's one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. But you can't be sober when you see it, definitely! I would also recommend that you watch it at the Drafthouse, who do a nice job of finding theme appropriate content, it really sets the mood. However, they definitely need a Bong Break at intermission!

More info:

DJ Eleven began his career in Oakland, CA as a founder of Local 1200, a crew that includes the most sought-after club DJs in the Bay Area. Working and living in New York City for 6 years, Eleven uses his large, diverse music collection and extensive experience to keep crowds moving in the hottest nightspots on both coasts.

Eleven has moved crowds at high-profile events such as Spitkicker’s monthly party in NYC (founded by esteemed hip-hop MC Talib Kweli and members of De La Soul) and the 5-year anniversary of Philadelphia’s longest-running hip-hop party, Remedy 215. During the summer of 2003, Eleven served as tour DJ for the Nike Battleground Tour street ball tournament. He’s also spun at issue release parties for Mugshot Magazine and Wax Poetics and private parties for And1, Universal Music Group, Motown Records, and Complex Magazine

This DJ’s greatest strength is his uncanny ability to get any crowd out of their seats and keep them dancing all night long. His wide musical range allows him to spin sets including Hip-Hop/ contemporary R&B, Breaks and Rare Grooves, Disco/Funk/Soul, Reggae, and ‘80’s, with the skill that brings party people back for more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eyedea & Abilities - Beauty Bar - August 15, 2008

From the poo poo platter department... Eyedea & Abilities @ Beauty Bar on Aug 15th with 3rd Party, Global 74 and Prince Klassen.


I have been pwned by the spicy beef soup at Korea Grill in the new Chinatown. Started immediately after lunch yesterday, continued through the night, then had to leave work early! This is now the new poo poo platter!

More info:

Eyedea & Abilities is an American rap duo. Eyedea (real name: Micheal Larsen) who also performs under the name Oliver Hart and with freestyle group Face Candy, became widely known because of his battle and freestyle skills. Eyedea is best known for his victory at the Blaze Battle, which was aired on HBO, showing some of the best underground battlers in action. Eyedea originally toured with Slug and other Rhymesayers crew. He made the jump from a battle emcee with the release of his first album First Born by joining forces with DJ Abilities. DJ Abilities is known for winning three DMC awards and for his work on his mixtapes and 1200 Hobos. Following a solo effort by Eyedea in 2002 under the name Oliver Hart, Eyedea and Abilities released E&A in 2004, which returned Eyedea back to his battle rapper roots.

After Eyedea released "This Is Where We Were" with his live freestyle/jazz group Face Candy, he created Carbon Carousel, an alternative rock band. They have released one EP titled "The Some of All Things or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking". This brought on speculation that Eyedea & Abilities was no longer together. However, in August 2007, the duo announced on their Myspace that they would be at the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop performing old songs, as well as new material.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dubb Sicks - Flamingo Cantina - August 14, 2008

From the nuts sweating profusely department... Dubb Sicks, Zeale 32, Brokebread, Smoke Jumpers, Pain Killaz, Grim Nasty and Gator @ Flamingo Cantina on Aug 14th.


Damn these 7:30am meetings are really cramping my style! I mean seriously, it's too early for me to go number 2! Really makes the whole day kinda shitty. :(

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Killah Priest - Karma Lounge - August 14, 2008

From the heat makes you a lazy mutha department... Killah Priest of Wu-Tang fame will be hittin' up The Gathering @ Karma Lounge on Aug 14th!


Damn I think my A/C is about to die again! I guess I'm gonna have to start sleeping butt nekid again. I've fixed this damn thing like every summer since I bought my condo. Anyone know a good A/C guy that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

More info:

Walter Reed, better known as Killah Priest or simply Priest (as "Killah" was officially dropped from his nickname)[1], is an American rapper and affiliate of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. He is known for intensely spiritual lyrics loaded with metaphors and religious references. He is also connected to the Black Hebrew Israelites (specifically the Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge) and the Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters) through his rhymes, and is known for controversial, highly Afrocentric subject matter. He is also apart of supergroup The HRSMN along with: Canibus, Ras Kass, and Kurupt.

Priest first made himself known to the hip hop world rapping on two songs on the Gravediggaz album 6 Feet Deep in 1994 (1994), and followed this with appearances on two Wu-Tang Clan solo albums, Ol' Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version and GZA's Liquid Swords, both from 1995 (see 1995 in music). Liquid Swords in fact included a Killah Priest solo track titled "B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)". Also in 1995, Priest formed the group Sunz Of Man with rappers Hell Razah, 60 Second Assassin, Prodigal Sunn. Initially Sunz Of Man included Shabazz the Disciple, who had previously been in a duo with Priest called The Disciples, but Shabazz left the group amicably a year after its formation.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Say Anything Youth Open Mic - Dominican Joe - August 9, 2008

From the 1 billion Chinese just made their presence felt department... Say Anything Youth Open Mic @ Dominican Joe right now, Aug 9th, 4-7pm!

Imma see about heading out there, I'm already juiced up on coffee. :)

More info:

Say Anything Youth Open Mic is Austin's newest open mic performance space for young writers and spoken word artists! Starting Saturday June 14, 2008 from 4:00-7:00 and second and fourth Saturdays thereafter at Dominican Joe coffee shop (515 S. Congress, Austin, TX, 78704), we encourage you to come and rock the mic! Take risks, read new work, spit, forget your lines, boom-chick-boom-boom-chick sh-clack-clack, read poems that run longer than 3 minutes and 10 seconds, fail and try again, and tip the bartender!
Resident Turntablist: DJ PowerTripp

Saturday August 9, 2008 (4:00-7:00)
Feature: Pilarsito (member of the 2005 Austin Under-21 Poetry Slam Team and founder of CPR - Capitol Punishment Records)!
Host: PropheT (member of the 2006 Austin Under-21 Poetry Slam Team and PUBLIC OFFENDERS)!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Killer MIke: Listening Party - Karma Lounge - August 7, 2008

From the Sirtuins department... Thanks to Erica for the heads up! Killer Mike: Listening Party @ Karma Lounge tomorrow night, Aug 7th! And Erica promises me there'll be bunch of goodies from free pizza, posters, postcards, cd's and coupons for the album! But for the "goodies", you'll have to bring those yourself.


Still enjoying a line from Jon Stewart yesterday, "Obama's gonna tea bag America with his big black balls!"

More info:

Michael Render, better known by his stage name Killer Mike (born April 20, 1975) is an American rapper, signed to Grind Time Official through the SMC/Fontana Distribution. He made his debut appearance on "Snappin' and Trappin'" on OutKast's 2000 LP Stankonia, and also appeared on the Grammy-winning song, "The Whole World", the single from OutKast's greatest hits album Big Boi and Dre Present...OutKast. He was featured in the movies 20 Funerals, Idlewild, and ATL.

Killer Mike released his debut album, Monster, in 2003. The album's lead single was "Akshon (Yeah!)", it featured OutKast on guest vocals, and was included on the soundtrack to the 2004 version of EA Sports popular video game Madden NFL. He even made a Madden '04 remix of "Akshon (Yeah!)" for the game. Following the release of his own material, he appeared on "Flip Flop Rock" and "Bust" on the Speakerboxx half of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. He also appeared on "Southern Takeover" with Pastor Troy on Chamillionaire's CD The Sound of Revenge. His second album "Ghetto Extraordinary" has had its release date pushed back several times due to disputes between Big Boi and Sony Records. 1

Killer Mike has also performed as a voice actor. He plays a rapper/actor, turned President of the United States, named Taqu'il in the Adult Swim cartoon Frisky Dingo. According to an article published in the June 2007 issue of XXL, Killer Mike addressed why he left the Purple Ribbon roster. He stated that he felt as if Purple Ribbon was the equivalent to the "Clippers," while he wanted to join the "Lakers."[citation needed]

On April 21, 2008, Killer Mike performed at the 2008 National Forensics Association National Tournament at Tennessee State University.

He had ended his 3 year beef with Big Boi in 2008, after a storm had hit Atlanta.[1]

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Afrofreque - Red Fez - August 8, 2008

From the I make it rain department... Afrofreque @ Red Fez on Aug 8th!


So I headed over to the MCC today for a presentation, "Presentation on Funding Sources for Early Stage Companies", by Austin Technology Incubator. Very comforting to know that there are resources out there to help people get started. I just have to remember what Guy Kawasaki says, it's my money in your wallets and I just have to figure out how to get it. Oh and I will get it! ;)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bun B - The Parish - August 22, 2008

From the 102 degrees hot department.. Bun B @ The Parish on Aug 22nd! Performing live with Orgone and DJ Ayres. It's been a minute since the Scion shows come thru, must be the recession.

You know the drill, RSVP @

More info:

Bernard Freeman, better known by his stage name Bun B, is a rapper and one half (with the late Pimp C) of Southern hip hop act UGK from Port Arthur, Texas. He is a member of Rap-A-Lot Records, an underground hip hop record label. UGK has released several studio albums and have been featured on numerous other rappers' tracks and singles. Before and after Pimp C's death, Bun B has found success in his solo career as well as in UGK.

Based in Port Arthur, Texas, Bun B and fellow rapper Chad "Pimp C" Butler formed UGK in the late 1980s and in 1992 signed with Jive Records, which released their major-label debut Too Hard to Swallow. That album was the first among several more bestselling Southern rap albums. Although focusing on UGK, Bun B formed the side project Mddl Fngz in 2000.[1] Mddl Fngz was featured in the AND 1 Streetball video game with the track "Hard In the Paint". UGK has performed guest appearances in the songs "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z and "Sippin' on Some Syrup" by Three 6 Mafia.