Friday, July 30, 2010

Texas Battle League - Iron Gate Lounge - July 31, 2010

From the why so coy department... Texas Battle League @ Iron Gate Lounge tomorrow night, July 31st!

Finally excited I'll be able to check out the TBL tomorrow. These guys are doing it big.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Limit - Scoot Inn - July 30, 2010

From the make em say ugh department... No Limit Records @ Scoot Inn tomorrow night, July 30th! Ungggggghh, na-nah na-nah!

More info:

No Limit Records was an American hip-hop record label that was founded in 1990 by hip-hop artist, Percy "Master P" Miller. It was distributed by Priority Records in 1990 before becoming defunct in 2003 after numerous lawsuits that were filed against the company.

Master P began his career by distributing his records through a small San Francisco Bay area record label. He named the label "No Limit Record Shop", which started out in Richmond, California where his mother resided. Despite being on the West Coast, he maintained his connections to the South through his father who remained in New Orleans. Miller signed his friends E-A-Ski & CMT, Sonya C (his then girlfriend), King George, Big Ed, Lil Ric and added his brother, Silkk the Shocker. Later he and Silkk (along with their brother C-Murder) went on to form the group TRU. During the early 90's, P released many solo albums, with very little success. However, Miller was able to garner notoriety for himself and No Limit Records on the West Coast by collaborating with various artists and through his compilation albums West Coast Bad Boyz 1 & 2. Following his success on the West Coast in 1994, he decided the time was right to expand his label. After signing Oakland rapper Dangerous Dame who later released the EP Escape from the Mental Ward through No Limit, Miller then signed several acts from New Orleans. The new additions included Mia X and his brother C-Murder. During this time, Master P also did tracks with Kane & Abel and Mystikal (all of which he later signed to the label). In 1995, TRU released their third album, True, which achieved gold status. After the success of TRU, many of his West Coast artists began to believe they were not being compensated fairly.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flosstradamus - Red 7 - July 29, 2010

From the wonderful chicken department... Flosstradamus @ Red 7 on Thursday, July 29th!

More info:

Flosstradamus is the stage name of Chicago-based DJs J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci).

They have performed at events such as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival, Rothbury Music Festival, Lollapalooza, and South by Southwest. They are frequently associated with such acts as Kid Sister (Young's sister), The Cool Kids, and A-Trak.

In April 2006, Flosstradamus were included in URB's annual "Next 100".[1]

In 2007, Flosstradamus released a mix album for Vice Records as part of Toyota's Scion "CD Sampler" series. In addition, during the summer of 2007 they embarked on an international tour with Chromeo, dubbed the "Fancy Footwork Tour".

Curt is also active in the Serato Scratch Live community making his Flossy FX sampler available online to the masses via their MySpace page.

In 2008, Flosstradamus played at Wellesley College for the school's celebration of the Boston Marathon. Flosstradamus also played at Northwestern University's Dillo Day on May 31, 2008, in a lineup that also featured DJ Sicarii, Clash Gordon, The Cool Kids and Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. Just past midnight on the 4th of July during the independence day weekend 2008 Flosstradamus also played at the Rothbury Festival in Michigan. They also play frequently at Subterranean in Chicago.

They have additionally appeared with the Nick Jr. program Yo Gabba Gabba! Flosstradamus appeared on stage and performed a dance related to Peanut Butter.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Straight Hood Shit 2 - Plush - July 24, 2010

From the fun in the sun department... Straight Hood Shit 2 with Kid Slyce and Rapid Ric @ Plush tonight, July 24th!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Cipher Austin's Hip Hop Project - KLRU - July 22, 2010

From the will power department... The Cipher Austin's Hip Hop Project will be featured in the documentary In Context Presents: Changing Lives Through Art on KLRU tomorrow night, July 22nd, at 8pm!


More info:

In Context Presents: Changing Lives Through Art on July 22 at 8 p.m. This documentary looks at two community arts projects: The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble and The Cipher- Austin’s Hip Hop Project. Both projects work to engage youth and the community in social change and specifically in dating violence prevention.

The Lowdown - The Highball - July 22, 2010

From the Alcohol dehydrogenase department... The Lowdown @ The Highball tomorrow night, July 22nd!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Run This Town - Brave New Books - July 19, 2010

From the Aao Ji department... Run This Town @ Brave New Books tonight, July 19th!


More info:

Run This Town is here to give the Hip Hop community in Austin a platform from which to express our views.

Film Makers
And anyone else who loves Austin and lives Hip Hop

At this meeting, we will further discuss the direction that Run This Town will be going, upcoming events, and the roles we can all play in the movement. We will also, as usual, open the stage up to 10 willing performers.

The link below is a map to the location.

After the meeting, we will be heading to [512], a bar on 6th street, where any artist can bring their music and have it spun in a club setting as we enjoy $2 wells. In partnership with the Facebook group, "I support ATX Hip Hop. Do you?", Run This Town wants to help create an environment in which the Hip Hop community can mingle, network, and hear what music our scene has to offer.

This mixer will also provide opportunities for rappers who want to be involved in the next Run This Town event's rap competitions.

[512] is a great venue that is supportive of our movement. The link below is a map its location. It was formerly a place called Wave, as the map will show, but the address is correct.

We really look forward to seeing you there. This movement depends on our participation and support. Together, through action and art, we will Run This Town!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost Famous - ND at 501 Studios - July 16, 2010

From the cap that ass, BP department... Mojoe & Blacklisted Individuals @ ND at 501 Studios tomorrow night, July 16th!

Definitely a show not to be missed!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nosaj Thing - Aces Lounge - July 15, 2010

From the breaking my balls department... Nosaj Thing @ Aces Lounge tomorrow night, July 15th!

More info:

Los Angeles producer Nosaj Thing crafts stately, ethereal synth-based instrumental hip-hop, with influences that range from Boards of Canada and DJ Shadow to Danny Elfman and Erik Satie. An L.A. native, Jason Chung was inspired at an early age by the hip-hop radio stations that the bus driver would play on his way to elementary school, and particularly by the Beat Junkies' turntablism on Power 106. In high school, while delving into the sounds of drum'n'bass and the rave scene and playing quad toms in the school drum line, he figured out how to use his father's old PC to start programming beats of his own. Further along, Chung was motivated to move in more experimental directions by the D.I.Y. rock scene at L.A.'s underground venue ~The Smell, where he made his live debut as Nosaj Thing in 2004. Through online and in-person networking, on message boards and, eventually, at the more beat-oriented music spot ~Low End Theory, Chung came into contact with likeminded Angelenos including Flying Lotus, Nobody, Daedelus, and local legends (and personal heroes) like D-Styles and Daddy Kev. Following the self-released Views/Octopus EP in 2006 (whose track "Aquarium" was later used by rapper Kid Cudi as the basis of his "Man on the Moon"), he signed with Kev's Alpha Pup imprint for his full-length debut, Drift, in 2009. Chung has also contributed beats to MCs Busdriver and Nocando, and made remixes for Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Radiohead, and ~Smell staples Health.

~ K. Ross Hoffman, All Music Guide

Monday, July 12, 2010

BoomBox ATX - The Highball - July 13, 2010

From the bazinga department... BoomBox ATX @ The Highball on July 13th and Tuesdays following...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mic Marathon: Back On The Streets Art Show Closing Party - The 5th Gallery - July 11, 2010

From the not that guy anymore department... The Mic Marathon: Back On The Streets Art Show Closing Party @ The 5th Gallery tonight, July 11th!


THE MIC MARATHON is part of the One Take Live mixtape series. This is an open rap cypher that any MC could be part of by just showing up and grabbing mic.

We will also pay homage to the graffiti culture by having MEZ ONE and DEFORM painting a VW bus in front of the gallery.

The cypher will have DJ JAZZ ONE and ROCK WELL supplying the beats. The cypher will be hosted by Tee Double and include Phranchyze, Dubb Sicks, Zeale, Japanese Jesus, Notes, Jack Swiss, Joey Knuckles and more...

This will be part 2/2 of the Closing party for the BACK ON THE STREETS ART SHOW.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

J.Rocc - Aces Lounge - July 9, 2010

From the can you feel the Heat department... J.Rocc @ Aces Lounge tomorrow night, July 9th!

More info:

The World Famous Beat Junkies is a Hip hop crew of (predominantly Filipino-American) hip hop DJs specializing in Turntablism. Established in 1992 in Orange County, California by J-Rocc who is African-American.

The Beat Junkies have won prestigious DJ battles and competitions like the DMC, the Supermen, and International Turntablists Federation competitions and going to world tour exhibitions. They have traveled and performed across the United States as well as Japan, Germany, Amsterdam, and Canada.[1] The Beat Junkies as a Crew and individually have also featured in many other acts alongside artists such as Jurassic 5, The Visionaries, The Likwit Junkies with Defari, Phil Da Agony, Cypress Hill, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Dilated Peoples, and Peanut Butter Wolf who was so influenced by the Beat Junkies that he recruited Homeless Derelicts (Grand The Visitor and Architect currently members of Urban Umpires) whom were featured on Beat Junkies Vol.1 and released them as the second ever Stones Throw Records release.

The group was established in 1992 by J-Rocc.[2] The original members included Curse, Rhettmatic, Melo-D, Icy Ice, Symphony, & What?!. Shortkut, D-Styles, Red-Jay, Havik, and Tommy Gun (who joined in late 1992) were later added. DJ Babu joined the Junkies by late 1993; the newest member is currently Mr. Choc, who was added to the crew in early 1996.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Toy Joy Art Show 2010 - United States Art Authority - July 8, 2010

From the 111 department... Check out the Toy Joy Art Show and The Department of Public Safety @ the United States Art Authority tomorrow night, July 8th!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Cipher Crew - Antone's - July 7, 2010

From the face cold department... The Cipher Crew @ Antone's this Wednesday for Antone's 35th Anniversary!

More info:

In 1999, formerly homeless teen Chris 'Kazi' Rolle created The Hip Hop Project through New York City's Art Start program. Despite common struggles faced by youth artists, the participants produced their own collective hip hop album, and in the process, gained confidence in their abilities, higher knowledge, and life skills towards a positive future.

A documentary of The Hip Hop Project (produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah) released in spring 2007 has inspired other cities to create similar programs.

Complementary to the original, The Cipher - Austin's Hip Hop Project is on a mission to build a community of young leaders and engaged hip hop artists and to strengthen the East Austin community in multiple ways.

The creative expression and public performances encouraged through "The Cipher" create a group of confident and engaged young people. They leave our program empowered, authentic and connected to the Austin music and poetry community. The program provides these young people with positive learning experiences through which they gain new skills and competencies, build self-esteem, improve academic performance and expand possibilities for their futures.

ci·pher (sī′fər): a circle of energy ignited by a community as they express artistic ideas.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

G-Baby takes over 106 & Park: Freestyle Friday

From the ATX standup department... G-Baby has been taking over 106 & Park: Freestyle Friday for the last several weeks! Doing Austin proud and tearing up the competition! This girl is good!

Annisha vs. G-Baby | 05/28/10

Who Will It Be, Ami Miller or G-Baby? | 06/04/10

Yung Chattaboxx vs. G-Baby | 06/11/10

A Game vs. G-Baby | 06/18/10

G Baby vs Reek Rymez | 07/02/10