Monday, March 31, 2008

The Roots - Forty Acres Fest - April 5, 2008

From the great hip hop week department... The Roots @ Forty Acres Fest @ the UT Tower on April 5th @ 7pm. For others on the line up, check here. And best of all it's free!

Oh the mammories, when I was still at school, I remember seeing Tone Loc @ 40 Acres Fest. Good time...

More info:

The Roots, a.k.a. The Legendary Roots Crew, are an influential, Grammy Award-winning American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, famed for a heavily jazzy sound and live instrumentation. They made their debut in 1993 and have gone on to collaborate with artists from a range of genres, such as Roy Ayers and Cody Chesnutt. Inspired by Stetsasonic, The Roots themselves have garnered critical acclaim and influenced later beat and R&B acts.

The group's original lineup was formed in Philadelphia around 1987.[1] They began to do shows around Philly and in 1992 or 1993 left to perform in Europe. They rented out a flat in London and performed in Europe for approximately one year. In order to sustain themselves financially, The Roots released what would be known as their debut album: Organix. The album went on to sell about 150,000 copies. Following the release of Organix, several major record labels offered deals and the band signed with DGC Records, which at the time was better known for its grunge music releases. With their new record deal, the quintet travelled back to the states.

RJD2 - Emo's - April 4, 2008

From the R2-D2 department... Thanks to Daysha for the show details! RJD2 @ Emo's on April 4th. In addition, Daysha tells us that she's also especially excited about Dälek, who is "like My Bloody Valentine + Tool + early Wu Tang combined with Massive Attack and Aphex Twin." Should be a good show!


So today on my drive home something cracked me up... It is just me or is it odd to see a grown ass man riding a BMX bike with no shirt and his jeans down his asscrack?!? Reminds me of Debo from Friday! You got knocked da f**ck out!

More info:

RJD2 (born Ramble John "RJ" Krohn on May 27, 1976) is an American hip hop producer, singer and musician. RJD2 was born in Eugene, Oregon, and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was signed to the Definitive Jux label where he released two largely instrumental hip hop albums and has produced tracks for many prominent rappers. However, he has now left Def Jux and has signed with XL Recordings.[1] His latest album, The Third Hand, is a striking departure from his usual style and features RJD2 singing and playing instruments on nearly every track.

RJD2 originally began his career in Columbus, Ohio, DJing in 1993 with a pair of turntables bought from a friend. He went to High School at Fort Hayes School of the Arts and graduated in 1994. He claims his name originates from another friend who referenced him as "RJD2" in his raps, and the name stuck.[2] Originally working the role of DJ in the Columbus rap group MHz, he later signed to Bobbito Garcia's Fondle 'Em label, releasing the self-proclaimed "mix CD" Your Face or Your Kneecaps. A year later he signed to El-P's record label Definitive Jux and released his solo debut album Deadringer to much acclaim. RJD2 later collaborated with Columbus rapper Blueprint under the name Soul Position, releasing Unlimited EP in 2002 and 8 Million Stories in 2003. He released his second solo album Since We Last Spoke on Definitive Jux in 2004 and released Soul Position's third album Things Go Better with RJ and AL in 2006 under Rhymesayers Entertainment label. He still continues to produce tracks, working with many independent rappers, such as Copywrite, Cunninlynguists, Cage, MF DOOM, Diverse and Aceyalone. Recently he contributed a cover of "Airbag" by Radiohead for the 2006 album "Exit Music". He has recently announced that he has left Def Jux and will be going for more of a 'pop route'. RJD2 has been extremely popular in the skateboarding and skateboard filming subculture, frequently used in montages.[1] [1]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Dionysium Hip-Hop Bonanza - Alamo Drafthouse Downtown - April 1, 2008

From the where'd you get that shirt?!? department... Thanks to Bavu for sending in this show! Salvage Vanguard Theater presents The Dionysium Hip-Hop Bonanza @ Alamo Drafthouse Downtown on April 1st! Exciting this is what Austin is all about, having a lucid debate about the death of hip hop.


More info:

Dionysium offers a unique, innovative program of debate, lecture, declamation, theatrical presentation and music in a salon-like atmosphere. Audiences enjoy offerings not to be found elsewhere in Austin, including the recitation of famous speeches, participatory discussion in a formal, moderated context, and the opportunity to participate in the recreation of Ancient rituals.

Interview: Gutta

AHHS wants to thank Gutta for his patience and taking time out of his crazy schedule to talk to Austin Hip-Hop Scene. Read on to learn which venue Gutta considers a home court advantage when he kills the other MCs on the mic...

AHHS: Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

Gutta: I AM GUTTA... lol. I was born and raised in Austin, 2-4 stand up! I spent the majority of my life here; I went to both middle and high school here, Dobie and Lanier. I didn't pursue music professionally until after I graduated high school. I as in a couple of groups that didn't pan out for one reason or another, and just when I was about to throw in the towel I linked back up with and old friend(Checkmate). He was starting a label and wanted to do music so I got down with him and been down with him since. We've seen our share of up's and down's but we're still here WE ARE ABOVE ALL.

Would you like to know more? SCREAM AT ME!!! LOL

AHHS: Which is your latest CD?

Gutta: "INDUSTRIAL STRENFF- The Industry Bumrush"

AHHS: And how do you think it differs from your previous works?

Gutta: This one has a lot more structure than the last one. What I mean by structure is concepts, hooks, bridges and things like that. My first disc what just me spewing bars over the hottest beats I could find. That mixtape was done out of frustration I had a lot of things to get off my chest, so I did. It was still one of the best mixtapes dropped that year though.

AHHS: What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

Gutta: I gather inspiration from what goes on around me. Mostly I'm inspired by other "rappers" complacency and lack of creativity and skill. It shows up in my music thru my relentless pursuit of perfection, I push myself to make the very best music I can and continue to improve. I'm also inspired by great music, when I hear a great song or great verse it makes me want to write.

AHHS: Which artists inspire you the most? and why?

Gutta: Joe Budden because he has a passion for music that is translated in his songs. He's unmatched in his ability to apply ridiculously creative metaphors to his real life experiences in songs. After that I'd have to say Jay-z for the obvious reasons, I mean he's Jay-z lol. Then theres Common and Lupe Fiasco because of their ability to deliver a message in their music without sacrificing entertainment value. No body likes to be preached to if you know what I mean.

AHHS: What has kept you from moving to cities with larger markets? especially since it's only been recently that Houston has blown up.

Gutta: Primarily for two reasons, first and foremost I want to put Austin on that list of cities with talent. There are far to many talented artists here for us not to have our own spot. Secondly if you go chasing those markets you have to conform to what is popular in those markets to be successful. Since I have no intentions on conforming it wouldn't make sense for me to move there. I'm creating my own lane, I believe that if I make good music that draws people to it then those markets will come to me.

AHHS: How do you see the scene locally? and where do you see it going?

Gutta: The local scene right now is kind of stagnant, but it usually is around this time of year. Everybody in the lab getting ready for the spring and summer time. Thats when most of the shows and events take place and you got to have your material ready. Besides that I think the austinhiphopscene(shameless plug lol) is finally moving forward. Theres more networking and building going on now, I think thats due to most of us realizing that "we" have to put Austin on.

AHHS: What is your favorite venue to perform at? and why?

Gutta: The Victory Grill is kind of my "spot" because I've done a lot of shows there, I'm real familiar with that place its like having home court advantage. I've performed at just about every venue there is to perform at in Austin, however I am excited about a new venture I'm working on that might be my new home court.

I'm not going to shed to much LIGHT on that just yet. I'd have to say that my favorite venue to perform at is the one thats packed with people who love good music and want to be entertained I LOVE THAT SPOT!!! LOL

AHHS: Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

Gutta: Lol... you trying to get me in trouble... you know that however I answer that is gonna be wrong. Whoever doesn't get mentioned is gonna have some issues with it, but here goes. First anyone who is or was down with AAE I fuxx with your flow, thats why I was rolling with you. Outside of my squad in no particular order Y2JJ, Mr. Fitness and Beau James. To everyone else I'm sorry, lol he only asked for 3.

AHHS: What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

Gutta: "Be involved in your business, trust is for marriages" after I heard that I've been the most involved artist on the globe. I need to know any and everything thats going on with me at all times. I got a few people that assist me with my career and any one of them will tell you that if a decision is made that effects me and I don't have prior knowledge and have given my approval I get a little more than irate.

AHHS: And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

Gutta: WOW!!! You are determined to get me in trouble lol. I've never be a settle for less type dude though, ask anyone who knows me I've always went after the higher quality "packages". I have noticed that since I've become more recognizable for my music its be a lot easier to track down those type "packages". I'm not gone sit here and say oh they be all over me so much I have to fight'em with a stick, because the reality is... Im not really putting up that much of a fight!!! LMAO! The last "package" I received is more that I could have hoped for so I'm not accepting any new ones right now. BJ WHAT UP!!!!

AHHS: Any parting words?

Gutta: Thanks to everyone that reads this or checks for my music, I really appreciate your time. Thanks to for the interest and support. Most importantly support Austin hip hop, dj's, artists, dancers, club owners, promoters and listeners whoever you are or however you fit in show support your own. If you need to contact me for whatever or or stop by the page for updates on what I'm doing, new songs and pics and upcoming shows.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mike & Ike - Plush - March 29, 2008

From the breakfast is the most important meal of the day department... Mike & Ike will join the Table Manners Crew @ Plush tomorrow night, March 29th for their new mixtape, Milk and Donuts, listening party!

Can I get some pancakes with that?!? grrr...


More info:

That classic sound is coming out of Austin, Texas, and its making noise in the hip hop scene as Mike & Ike present their debut album, Introducing Mike & Ike. The duo blends smart, but accessible lyrics with the infectious sounds of jazz and soul music to create a style that recalls the best elements of where rap music has been, but stays fresh and inventive, always looking toward the future. In a musical landscape full of studio gangsters rapping about how hard they are and money they may or may not actually have, Mike & Ike are a refreshing change of pace. Rather than fall into the all-too-common trap of preaching about what they are not, however, they choose to focus on what they are, and the original styles they bring. They kick intelligent rhymes that a wide range of people can relate to their own daily struggles and triumphs. The raps show that the two are aware of and concerned about social ills, but avoid becoming overly self-righteous or cliché in their treatment of them. Mike & Ike know when to be serious, but never lose sight of the idea that hip hop should be at least as much about the good as the bad, and maintain an overall positive and fun vibe on the album.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Make It Wet Spitfest XI - Ruta Maya - March 29, 2008

From the hock a loogie department... Make It Wet Spitfest XI @ Ruta Maya on March 29th. $7 presale and $10 at the door. When you're not drenched in spit... you'll get music by DJ Quam.


Man all the stuff to do this weekend and I'll prob be working. Nuts.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Unspoken Levels - Flipnotics at the Triangle - March 28, 2008

From the I'm South Park cheesin' department... Idol-C wrote in about his show with Unspoken Levels @ Flipnotics at the Triangle on March 28th. I'm guessing that's a picture of them or just some random dudes put up on their myspace page. :)

And above all else... the show's free!

More info:

It's all about hip-hop, dancing, and good vibes.

Since the release of their 2003 debut, Time to Change, Unspoken Levels have been turning some heads, bringing the party, and pushing forward with their up-beat message and sound. Pulling some serious inspiration from a lifetime of songs and experiences, the emcee brothers, Mr. Metaphysical and Idol-C, bring a fresh breath of clarity, peace, and urgency to the mic. All this is rooted in an eclectic foundation of some funky hip hop, produced with just as much love by the group's resident DJs: brothers DJ Stillness and C-Mos.

Founded in the dusty flatlands of Lubbock, TX, the two sets of two brothers formed Unspoken Levels in 2002 out of a shared love for hip hop. What started as a small-town family-and-friend's pass time, quickly grew in to two full albums, jam-packed live performances, and finally relocating to Austin, TX in mid 2007.

This isn't your average hip hop crew.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gathering - Karma Lounge - March 27, 2008

From the bubble butt department... Every once in awhile we just need a little reminder, consider me the the pinky string around your finger... Grimnasty and Cooley Fly @ The Gathering this Thursday, March 27th @ Karma Lounge.


Something strange happened today, so I've had this bottle of spoiled milk sitting by the sink and I've been noticing that the bottle has been slowly expanding. Instead of throwing it away or pouring it down the sink, I figure I'd leave it there until I throw out the trash. Well I haven't thrown out the trash for a while now, so today I come home and I smell this horrible stench. And I notice that the top of the milk bottle is missing, so I frantically look around the kitchen looking for the top and having wild ideas that someone broke into the house and is play a trick on me. I finally find the top clear across the room, but the place still smelled like spoiled milk!

More info:

Grimnasty formerly known as King $olomon "Ruler of the Wasteland" is a gifted artist with 26 years of experience in custom work, uniquely connecting with the clients vision and energy, thus creating an ideal collaboration. Expertise in the field of Hip Hop. Music Production, 2D/3DAnimation, Sculpting, Graphic Design,Video Editing, Murals, Decorative,and Fine Art Paintings.

Living everywhere from Nashville, to Louisianna, to LA, and Texas, has given him a well rounded versitale influence, which is easy to pick up listening to any of his 10 releases. Later on the creative side, Grim creates PHANTAZM and produces "Drastic" later to be picked up by "Spike and Mike." The new current LP "Grimnasty the Album" is getting rave reveiws regionally, on a one hitter, then I got cha' vibe. Fans that see him live strongly agree that Grimnasty is personality on wheels.

Throwback Thursdays - Bayou Lounge - March 27, 2008

From the free to sleep department... Capital City DJs throwin' it down @ Bayou Lounge this Thursday, March 27th. I wonder what "Grown and Sexy Contest" is?!? I'mma find out and I better not see anything grow'in but mine.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aceyalone - Beauty Bar - March 27, 2008

From the what a lazy weekend department... Aceyalone @ Beauty Bar on March 27th with DJ Mwanza Dover... Looks like Acey's making his Texas trip to promote his new album. Should be a good show!


So I'm doing the Dragon Boat race this year, shit's hard. Had my first practice last week and I was sore all over. So I decided I need to increase my stamina and went running today, hehe, you can guess there was a lot of walking. Damn I need to get in shape.

More info:

Aceyalone (born Eddie Hayes) is an American rapper.

He is a founding member of the Freestyle Fellowship. Apart from his role in Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone is also a member of Haiku D'Etat (with Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) and The A-Team (with Abstract Rude), and he is a co-founder of Project Blowed.

After releasing a pair of albums with the Freestyle Fellowship, To Whom it May Concern... and Innercity Griots, as well as the Project Blowed compilation, Acey signed to Capitol Records and released his highly acclaimed solo debut All Balls Don't Bounce in 1995. He returned three years later with his second album, A Book of Human Language, a collaboration with producer Mumbles. In 1999, he released a self-titled group album with Haiku D'Etat. In 2000, The A-Team released their first album as a duo, titled Who Framed the A-Team?. Acey returned solo again in 2001 with his third solo album, Accepted Eclectic. In 2002, the Freestyle Fellowship returned after 9 years for the release of their third group album, Shockadoom. 2002 and 2003 saw two more solo releases, Hip Hop and the World We Live In and Love & Hate and another A-Team album ('Lab Down Under'). In 2006, Aceyalone released two more solo projects, first, Magnificent City, a collaboration with producer RJD2, followed by Grand Imperial.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Da C.O.D. - Ruta Maya - March 22, 2008

From the "Support Local Austin Hip Hop Week" department... Da C.O.D. @ Ruta Maya tonight, March 22nd for their Pre-Release Party of Ova The Stove Vol. 2. Also performing Sicc & C.P.R., S.M.C., Non-Fiktion, T. Solo & The Union Cartel.


More info:

The year... 1999. The place..... a drug infested cul-de-sac of South Lamar in the 78704 area of Austin, Tx known as The Circle of Death. Enter the C.O.D.. Back then rap was secondary and finances were very necessary. S. Dot recalls with a grin "We got it by any means please believe that." S. Dot moved to the C.O.D in 1998. "I met Lil J in 1994. He’s my brother so when I came to the circle we just set up shop." S. Dot recalls. Around this time a young Greezo was running the streets off Brodie and Slaughter ln. After he caught his first serious case in 98 he turned to the streets full time. "I’m not even from the 04 I’m from Brodie but when I left momma’s thats where I was accepted and where I met S and J. Back then it was R.C., Killa P Mike D AD LG Chill Will Lil J and S. Young niggas Lil J was gettin busy at like 12." Greezo claims in his booming baritone. The boys would freestyle to past the time when they were on the block. "We just did the shit for fun" recalls an excited Greezo. "We ain’t have no equipment or no shit like that. So my nigga Phil would beatbox for hours on end! We all just tried to keep up with him." Greezo was the first in the group to really begin to take rap seriously. Admitted into a group that Phil had formed with some high school friends called Tre Side. Greezo would also go on to release a local classic album in 2003 entitled ’HOODPOLITIX’. "Right after that everybody started getting locked up. I knew there had to be a way out of the struggle." states Lil J.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SXSW '08 Photo Documentary - Luxury Mindz - 2008

From the why is that little kid eating wax out of Bavu's left ear department... Sometimes you just have to admire the great works of others... like Tiger Wood's 7 tourney win streak... the Rocket's 22 game win streak... and the masterpiece you make in the restroom every morning. The OG Photographer from Luxury Mindz documents this years SXSW in a series of photographs. How great is that?!? It's like a visual orgasm!

SXSW 08 Day 1

SXSW 08 Day 2

SXSW 08 Day 3

SXSW 08 Day 4

Monday, March 17, 2008

Boombox - Lucky Lounge - March 18, 2008

From the SXSW withdrawals department... I want to declare the week after SXSW as official "Support Local Austin Hip Hop Week". So if you still got alcohol running though your veins and need to get your fix, head out to the Boombox show @ Lucky Lounge tomorrow night and get your drank on!


So which SXSW show will you remember after all the brain cells are gone? Being a cheap Asian, I again did not get a SXSW badge but there was enough free goodness to go around. For me it was definitely Ice Cube and Talib Kweli, it's the most memorable because of the SXSW sausage on a stick that gave me violet diarrhea. How about you?!?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ice Cube - Auditorium Shores - March 15, 2008

From the at least Spitzer has better taste than Clinton, but then again he paid for sex department... Many dope shows @ Auditorium Shores and all free!... Ice Cube, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, Lyrics Born, Del The Funky Homosapien and Grupo Fantasma!

More info:

FREE concerts at the SXSW Auditorium Shores Stage on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin

Thursday March 13 - Friday March 14 - Saturday March 15

Thursday, March 13 (gates at 5:00 pm)

6:00pm Grupo Fantasma
7:00pm Del The Funky Homosapien
8:00pm Spoon

Friday March 14 (gates at 5:00 pm)

6:00pm The Sadies
7:00pm Eliza Gilkyson
8:00pm The BoDeans

Saturday March 15 (gates at Noon)

1:00pm Super Pal Universe
1:45pm Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show
3:30pm Christian Scott
4:30pm Lyrics Born
5:30pm Strong Arm Steady
6:15pm Jean Grae
7:00pm Talib Kweli

Microsoft Silverlight
8:00pm Ice Cube

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

C-Rayz Walz - House Party - March 15, 2008

From the why is prostitution illegal department... Crew54 wrote in about a hoooouse paaartay! Conjunction Junction presents Daytime Party & BBQ @ 71308 Loganberry Dr., Austin, TX 78745. As you burp beer and bbq, your ears will be taking in the music of Hero, 215 The Freshest Kids, Crew54, Nosaprise, The Television Skies, Kosha Dillz, C-Rayz Walz (the flyer maker sucks) and DJs Remix, Bobby Trill OG, Squincy Jones, Dayta, Recall, ELP, and Superstar DJ's.

It's been a while since I rolled up to some randoms house for bbq and beer, this'll be fun!

More info:

C-Rayz Walz is a rapper from The Bronx, New York. He is currently a member of the underground record label Definitive Jux and NY hip-hop syndicate Stronghold. In addition to releasing four LPs and one EP, he has appeared on many other rappers' records, including Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique, and has done work with such artists as Percee P and Messiah J & The Expert. Immortal Technique is reputed - by Walz himself - to be the only MC who can hold his ground against Walz in a freestyle battle.[1]

On June 29, 2005 he appeared with Toki Wright on MTV's Made series as "MADE Coaches" for a caucasian teenager named Nile Greenberg (son of Steven Greenberg) who wanted to be made into a rapper. This was the premier episode of the second series and featured Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg and The Game. He also appeared on the 2005 compilation album Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture.

Monday, March 10, 2008

SXSW Hip Hop - Austin, TX - March 12 - 16, 2008

From the welp department... No words needed...

Interview: Feddi Man

In the midst of SXSW, we caught up with Feddi Man to find out what's up. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule, Feddi. Read on to find out about the wild baking parties where they flip hotcakes!

AHHS: Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

Feddi Man: At a time when rappers have lost touch with reality, and studio gangsters dominate the charts - one man stands between the destruction and the resurrection of hip-hop, and that man is Feddi Man (23) aka Confeddi. While other rappers worry about buying "bling" and renting slabs for their album & mixtape covers, Feddi lays down tracks in the studio with his closest ally DJ Protégé (producer) & Dj Florok (mixtape Dj) Together, they flip mixtapes like hotcakes.

Now, don't be fooled by his Southern charm. This TexMexiRican has enough swagger to fill the Grand Canyon. Hailing from Montopolis on the southeast side of Austin, TX ("the hood where they clap dat chrome/sell drugs and bring heat") Feddi Man knows what it's like to struggle and hustle. Falling floors, no A/C, roaches and clutter, is just a little sample of what he has been through. And with determination he's willing and ready to overcome it. With hustling in his bloodline, there's no doubt that this man will soon become 'The Spokesman' for the disenfranchised

AHHS: How did you get started in MCing?

Feddi Man: My oldest sister was always into Hip Hop (NWA, LL Cool J, Fat Boys, Luke etc.)
But what inspired me to Rap was my Brother and Childhood Friend. They would freestyle
and spit game to the Ladies... They just looked and sounded so cool that I wanted to be just like them, so I too started Freestyling. I guess I kept on going with it and got Better & Better as the days went on. My brother and Childhood Friend told me to keep going because they told me I had Heart and a Love for this Music.

AHHS: Which artists inspire you the most, and why?

Feddi Man: My Brother & Childhood Friend, Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Keke, UGK etc., because I could relate to a lot of what they rapped about.

AHHS: What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

Feddi Man: I listen to the Radio and mixtapes galore. Plus I don't sound like anyone else. Another thing that inspires me is to be the Best where I’m from (Austin, TX) and to never dumb my talent down to hold a Commercial Image.

AHHS: How do you see the scene locally, and where do you see it going?

Feddi Man: The scene is getting bigger and I hope to contribute to the Success of my City.

AHHS: What is your favorite venue to perform at, and why?

Feddi Man: I don't have a Favorite Venue.

AHHS: Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

Feddi Man: Zeale 32, Young Teka & J.Kapone

AHHS: What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

Feddi Man: Be myself, Grind hard & don’t change for nobody.

AHHS: And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

Feddi Man: I got a Woman so...

AHHS: Do you have any parting words to our readers?

Feddi Man: We need to keep this Movement going for ATX so support all the Artist/MC's the City of Austin has to offer.

Giant Step - Barcelona - March 14-15, 2008

From the I still see the sun at 7pm department... Thanks to Dave for telling us about Giant Step's free shows @ Barcelona on March 14th and 15th. Read below for more info and how to RSVP!

More info:

This year Giant Step's SXSW will be held on March 14th and 15th at Barcelona in the heart of Austin.

Friday the 14th will feature DJ sets from local favorite Chicken George and San Francisco's J-Boogie, who both rocked the party last year. There will also be live performances by NY’s much talked about starlet Little Jackie, LA's Afrobot and NY favorite Taylor McFerrin.

Saturday March 15th will feature DJ legend King Britt, NY's Taste Crew, Houston's DJ Sun and live performances from Time Machine and UK's Riz MC. Expect as always the quality of Giant Step down in Austin TX.

Friday March 14th
DJ sets by
Chicken George
J Boogie

Live performances by:
Taylor McFerrin - 11:30 PM
Little Jackie (acoustic) - 10:30 PM
Afrobots - 9:30 PM

(Doors at 9 PM)

Saturday March 15th
DJs sets by
King Britt
DJ Sun

From 7 PM - 9 PM
DJ Equal
DJ Isis
Live Performance by Ced Hughes

Live performances from:
Black Spade - 11:30 PM
Time Machine - 10:30 PM
Riz MC - 9:30 PM

(Doors at 7 PM)

Event is free with RSVP @:

Sunday, March 09, 2008

2008 Urban Media Meet & Greet - Logan - March 13, 2008

From the meet market department... are you into Urban Media and want to make some connections? go to the 2008 Urban Media Meet & Greet @ Logan's on March 13th from 4-7pm and to keep you entertained are Statik Selektah, DJ Eleven, and DJ Graffiti.

More info:

Patrick Baril (born January 23, 1982 in Lawrence, Massachusetts) is an American hip hop dj and producer. He goes by the name of Statik Selektah and is the son of Owen and Kathleen Baril. Statik Selektah is best known for his mixed CDs with rappers Nas, Boston rapper Termanology, Royce Da 5'9" and G-Unit Records, as well as his mixshows on FM and Satellite Radio. He founded Showoff Records in 2004 and has released projects from Termanology, Granite State, and Reks. His partners in Showoff Marketing(based in Boston) are Brandon Matthews, Walace Nogueira Jr & Jenny-Marie Miranda, director of Showoff Public Relations.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Interview: N.I.K.K.A.G.E.

N.I.K.K.A.G.E. took time out of his busy schedule to tell the Austin Hip-Hop Scene about what's going on with The General. Read on to find out what the 3 D's are and how they might save your life.

AHHS: Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: N.I.K.K.A.G.E, the General (pronounced Nick Kage) / Mr.5 Star Flow

Narrator Illustrating Knowledge of self Kinetic energy And Good music for ya Ear that should speak for itself. Need more Google me.

AHHS: Which is your latest CD? and how do you think it differs from your previous works?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: My latest project is called The Revolution, The Evolution & The Love. It’s produced by Hassan Allin; he is one of the hottest unknown producers in the game right now. It’s going to be a classic album with all types of tracks. It shows my growth as an MC and a spiritual human being. I got the hottest streets tracks, soulful tracks, hood tracks, clubs tracks; I took care of my ladies and the Corner Boys. Across the board this album will go down in history as one of the best albums ever from an unsigned artist.

AHHS: What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: Real talk I would have to say my family. I try to make fun songs for them. Don’t get me wrong, for some tracks that’s a no no but over all we have a very musical household so I try to keep the integrity of my music so that I can get the proper feedback cause my kids will tell me what the business is for real.

AHHS: Which artists inspire you the most? And why?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: I would have to say cats like Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Scarface & Andre 3000

For their phenomenal story telling abilities and skill level is crazy.

AHHS: What has kept you from moving to cities with larger markets? Especially since it's only been recently that Houston has blown up.

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: I love Austin; it’s a beautiful city, with wonderful supporting fans and talented artists. Houston has the spot light right now and we thank them for that. Austin gets more attention for the city not the people that live and perform in it.

AHHS: How do you see the scene locally?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: It’s Rock and Grunge Heavy to me.

AHHS: Where do you see it going?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: Hip-Hop is a culture, a lifestyle you can’t deny it for much longer.

AHHS: What is your favorite venue to perform at? And why?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: I like performing in the Hood. They don’t act Hollywood in the hood. If you wack, thugs will tell you they ain’t scared of you. If you can make a street hustler nod his head then you got a good product. I get love at every venue so it really doesn’t matter to me; I impressed the streets already, now I’m ready for the big jump offs.

AHHS: Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: It’s to many but if I had to choose a couple off the top of my head it would be Jay Gee- awesome lyricists, Open 1 aka Lungs- a beast , & The Hoodfellas- ATX’s craziest group.

AHHS: What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: T Double told me,” Keep my hustle game tight and keep spittin out the box don’t conform to fit in”. I took that as a jewel so I shined it up and I keep it with me.

AHHS: And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: As you can see I ‘m a good looking brother so they been there. But I stay away from hoes man. They don’t bring nothing but D’s Drama, Diseases and Divorce.

AHHS: Any parting words?

N.I.K.K.A.G.E.: Stop trying to be like the rappers you see on TV. It’s already one of him; do you think the game needs another??? They might like you, but trust me, the labels won’t. You’re taking away from their money. Just do YOU. Read a book every once and a while talk about something new - enlighten me! I can’t stand to hear rappers at these shows taking about their rides sitting on 24’s and they got paper but after the show they ask you for a ride home. Come on fam. Stop the madness. I respect the cat that saying,” I just got off the city bus so hold me down”, these cats truly do it for the love. So support them. Look out for my 3 albums dropping this year. Code of da Streets (mix tape) NIKKAGE P.P.F. Greatest Hits Reloaded (mix tape) the long anticipated solo album The Revolution, The Evolution & The Love .

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fresh Boy Crew - Creekside Lounge - March 15, 2008

From the flu is real department... The Chosen Few, FBC Crew and Raw Word presents on March 15th @ Creekside Lounge are 2Mex, Shunda K, Nato Caliph, Crew54, Damp Heat, Grimnasty, Stormshadow, Blacklisted, Lady Legacy, CO2 and your DJs for the night are Static, Notion, Jazz One, and Freakin Puerto Rican.


Peace out...

More info:

The Visionaries is a hip hop group from Los Angeles. The group is notable for focusing on positive issues as well as the diverse ethnic origins of its members. The group has been officially together since 1995. Amongst the group’s six members (LMNO, 2Mex, Lord Zen, Dannu, KeyKool, and DJ Rhettmatic), they’ve released over twenty solo and side projects, including four full-length albums as a group on Up Above Records, “Galleries” (1997), “Sophomore Jinx” (2001), “Pangaea” (2004) and “We Are The Ones” (2006). They have collaborated with some of the finest talents in hip-hop, and blessed stages alongside a long list of luminaries including: Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, De La Soul, Blackalicious, and Jurassic 5.

Pushing forward independently and spreading universal love through art, the Visionaries are breaking down barriers with their own brand of message music. The group was acknowledged for their positive impact and contribution to hip-hop in 2005, as they were formally inducted into the Universal Zulu Nation. Their music was also recently featured on the MTV feature film “Volcano High”, the Warner Brothers’ box-office hit “Oceans Twelve”, and one of Midway’s best-selling video games of 2005 “Blitz: The League”.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SXSW: Hip Hop Radio 2 - Firehouse Lounge - March 15, 2008

From the thanking the sponsors department... Blue Room Music Group presents Hip Hop Radio 2 @ Firehouse Lounge on March 15th.

Check below for the dope lineup!


Date: 03.15.08

2pm – 9pm

Title of party: BRMG Present: Hip Hop Radio II

Venue and address: Firehouse Lounge 605 Brazos, Austin TX, 78701

No RSVP needed, free and Open to the Public 21+

Artists playing and at what time:
Djs & Artist Time

Dj Flo-Rok 2pm – 9pm

Host: Crop Diggie

3:00 - Modern Man (Austin, TX)
3:25 – AMI (Atlanta, GA)
3:50 – DDC (Dallas, TX)
4:15 - Sway Dasafo (London, UK)
4:40 – Chief (Detroit, MI)
5:05 – Zeale (Austin, TX)
5:30 – Headcrack (Dallas, TX)
5:55 – Feddi (Austin, TX)
6:20 - Nick D (Austin, TX)
6:45 - Deaf in The Family (New York, NY)
7:10 – Question (San Antonio, TX)
7:35 - Doujah Raze (New York, NY)
8:00 – Termanology (Lawrence, Mass)
8:25 - All Natural (Chicago, ILL)

SXSW Hip Hop - Austin, TX - March 12 - 16, 2008

From the ganked straight from the SXSW website department... I've pulled the current list of SXSW Hip Hop acts... woohoo... and what a list it is! Bun B, Ice Cube, Talib Kweli, David Banner, just too many... And then you've got ATX reppin'... Bavu Blakes, Zeale 32, SouthBound... daum... gets your heart pumpin' like seeing titties for the first time! :)

Update: AustinSurreal has posted the complete SXSW Hip Hop line up!

Now let's find the side shows and afterparties!

Oh and you'll enjoy this... this guy has posted all the SXSW mp3's on bittorrent... fire up your clients!

A-Alikes Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap
Akala London UK Hip Hop/Rap

A-Laget Bergen NORWAY Hip Hop/Rap

Astronautalis Jacksonville FL Hip Hop/Rap
David Banner Jackson MS Hip Hop/Rap

Bavu Blakes & the Extra Plairs Garland TX Hip Hop/Rap

Bisc1 Queens NY Hip Hop/Rap

Bisc1 Queens NY Hip Hop/Rap

Black Mike and Chemistry Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap
Blue Scholars Seattle WA Hip Hop/Rap

B.o.B. Atlanta GA Hip Hop/Rap
Buckshot Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap

Bun B Port Arthur TX Hip Hop/Rap

Cadence Weapon Edmonton AB Hip Hop/Rap

Cadence Weapon Edmonton AB Hip Hop/Rap

Kutt Calhoun Kansas City MO Hip Hop/Rap
CAMP LO Bronx NY Hip Hop/Rap
Cap D Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap
Chingo Bling Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

The Circle G'z Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

The Cool Kids Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap

The Cool Kids Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap

The Cool Kids Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap
c rayz walz + kosha dillz Edison NJ Hip Hop/Rap
CunninLynguists Lexington KY Hip Hop/Rap
DA C.O.D Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap

Da Mex Connect aka Lil J Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip London UK Hip Hop/Rap

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip London UK Hip Hop/Rap

Del The Funky Homosapien Oakland CA Hip Hop/Rap

Devin the Dude & the Coughee Brothaz Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Diplo Philadelphia PA Hip Hop/Rap
Dirty Wormz Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap

Dizzee Rascal London UK Hip Hop/Rap

DJ Rapid Ric Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap

DJ Rhettmatic Cerritos CA Hip Hop/Rap

D.O.S. Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap
Doujah Raze Alexandria VA Hip Hop/Rap
Drojo McAllen TX Hip Hop/Rap

El-P Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap

Fat Tony & D ee R ai L Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Tim Fite Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap
FREE SOL Memphis TN Hip Hop/Rap

Gerald G Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap

Ghislain Poirier Montreal QC Hip Hop/Rap

Jean Grae Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap
Grand Analog Winnipeg MB Hip Hop/Rap

Grayskul Seattle WA Hip Hop/Rap

Guilty Simpson Detroit MI Hip Hop/Rap
H.I.S.D. Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

IB3 Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Ice Cube Hollywood CA Hip Hop/Rap
Intrinzik Phoenix AZ Hip Hop/Rap

Jammer London UK Hip Hop/Rap

Jezufavio Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Juiceboxxx Detroit MI Hip Hop/Rap

Krizz Kaliko Kansas City MO Hip Hop/Rap
KB Da Kidnappa Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Kid Cudi Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap

Kid Sister Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap

Kid Sister Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap
Kidz In The Hall Chicago IL Hip Hop/Rap
Killa Kela London UK Hip Hop/Rap
The Knux New Orleans LA Hip Hop/Rap

Talib Kweli Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap

Living Legends Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap
Lower Life Form Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Lucky Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Luckyiam Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap

Lumba Dallas TX Hip Hop/Rap
Lyrics Born Oakland CA Hip Hop/Rap
Lyrics Born Oakland CA Hip Hop/Rap

Mac Lethal Kansas City KS Hip Hop/Rap

Marcelo D2 Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL Hip Hop/Rap
Megaphone Boston MA Hip Hop/Rap
The Mighty Underdogs Oakland CA Hip Hop/Rap

Mr. Capone-E Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Murs Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap

Murs Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap

Newham Generals London UK Hip Hop/Rap
Nosaprise Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Ohmega Watts Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap
Papa Chuk Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Paper Route Records Huntsville AL Hip Hop/Rap

Percee P Bronx NY Hip Hop/Rap

Phranchyze Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap
Pigeon John Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap

Plastic Little Philadelphia PA Hip Hop/Rap

Plastic Little Philadelphia PA Hip Hop/Rap
Postman Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Hip Hop/Rap
PPT Dallas TX Hip Hop/Rap

Prozak Kansas City MO Hip Hop/Rap
Question San Antonio TX Hip Hop/Rap
Rob G Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Mala Rodriguez Cadiz SPAIN Hip Hop/Rap

Mala Rodriguez Cadiz SPAIN Hip Hop/Rap

Roxy Cottontail New York NY Hip Hop/Rap
Ryno & Slim Gutta Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap

Scarub Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap
Scavone New York NY Hip Hop/Rap
Sean Price Brooklyn NY Hip Hop/Rap

Shwayze Malibu CA Hip Hop/Rap

Skatterman & Snug Brim Kansas City MO Hip Hop/Rap

Skratch Bastid Montreal QC Hip Hop/Rap
Sleep Portland OR Hip Hop/Rap
Slykat San Antonio TX Hip Hop/Rap

Socalled Montreal QC Hip Hop/Rap
SouthBound Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap
Spear of the Nation Oakland CA Hip Hop/Rap

Strong Arm Steady Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap
Studemont Project Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

SuperstarDJs Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap

Sway London UK Hip Hop/Rap
Tech N9ne Kansas City MO Hip Hop/Rap
Tee Double Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap
Thurogood Wordsmith Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap
Lars Vaular Bergen NORWAY Hip Hop/Rap

Wale Washington DC Hip Hop/Rap

Saul Williams Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap

Saul Williams Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap
WIZ KHALIFA Pittsburgh PA Hip Hop/Rap

Zeale32 Austin TX Hip Hop/Rap
Zion I City Of Dope CA Hip Hop/Rap

Z-Trip Los Angeles CA Hip Hop/Rap

Now On Detroit MI Hip Hop/Rap

Buff 1 Detroit MI Hip Hop/Rap

Lifesavas Portland OR Hip Hop / Rap
Lord T and Eloise Memphis TN Hip Hop / Rap
Mr. Mike Corpus Christi TX Hip Hop / Rap
Public Offenders Austin TX Hip Hop / Rap
Super Chron Flight Brothers Brooklyn NY Hip Hop / Rap
Terp 2 It Austin TX Hip Hop / Rap