Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rhythm Roots All-Stars - The Parish - May 4, 2006

Peep this guys... another Scion event is coming to Austin! And you know what that means... free show!!! So Rhythm Roots All-Stars are headlining the event at The Parish on May 4th... along with Austin's own Blaze... and also Aloe Blacc. As always... go and RSVP here!

I wonder how all this translates into car sales?!? Who cares right... free show!!! :)

More info:

The 10-day Road Trip, promising to be a 21st century Kerouac-esque adventure, kicks off May 1st in Los Angeles when renowned street artists David Choe, Saber, Kempton Parker, Sam Flores, Matt Gordan and Ryan Shook hit the road with a busload of funk musicians following right behind. En route, the street artists will stop in various cities to create one of a kind pieces on desolate highway billboards while the Rhythm Roots All-Stars play venues in selected cities, including San Diego (5/2), Austin (5/4) and New Orleans (5/7). The tour also makes stops in El Paso and Dallas. A videographer, photographer and two journalists will be on hand to document the paint-soaked, amped-up journeys of these traveling artists.

The Road Trip finishes with a bang as it rolls into New Orleans on May 6th for Jazz Fest 2006. To end things on an unforgettable high, additional artists, including the infamous Femi Kuti, will collaborate with the Rhythm Roots All-Stars for a grand finale performance event. All proceeds from the events, including ticket sales, are donated to Habitat for Humanitys’, Tipitina’s Foundation (http://www.tipitinasfoundation.org/), a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the music community of New Orleans.

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