Monday, May 01, 2006

Bavu Blakes - The Parish - May 6, 2006

Ya'll ready for a bomb ass show?!? (This bomb things gonna come into play in a bit)... but first... Mr. Blakes (AKA Bavu Blakes) and D-Madness and friends from Austin, Dallas, and Louisiana will be throwin' it down at The Parish... this Saturday, May 6th... so get your tix now!

So here's the story... I try to come home Saturday night/Sunday morning at 5am... friend's dropping me off... the streets to my place are all blocked off... ride up to the popo... he's tellin' me i can't go home and i gotta leave... we split right... i call around and find out that they've found a "suspicious package" across the street... next morn' i go home and find out that the police ended up blowin' it up!

More info:

On his hustle harder than ever, Mr. Blakes (a.k.a Bavu Blakes) is
Proving to be a much-appreciated breath of fresh air for the very hot Texas
rap scene.

With so much attention on the South and the Lone Star State right now, all
eyes are on the look out for what¹s next. Just as at home sharing a stage
with hip hops most rugged and controversial rappers as he is with intensely
lyrical hip hop artist, Mr.Blakes is quickly positioning himself to become
hip-hop's missing link.

After winning the Austin music award for Best Hip Hop artist at SXSW Mr.
Blakes continues to astonish crowds by bringing a new level of energy, and
substance with every performance. Now with help from Dallas based Topnotch
Supreme Entertainment and others, Mr. Blakes has begun to increase his
visibility while watching his fan base continue to explode.

Austin's Mr. Blakes knows how to engage a local hip-hop community, and May
6th he wants to thank his Austin fan base by performing his 1st full show in

Blakes will be joined by Austin's incredible multi-instrumental D-Madness
and lyrical geniuses Element 7D & World Trade. For this one of a kind event
Mr.Blakes has also implored the assistance of some of his musical partners
in crime; Waco's Verbal Seed, Shreveport's Deloach and DFW hard hitters
Money Waters and Steve Austin. Add the sultry sounds of Thesis and S'ence
and you have a formula that is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting
events of the year.

Where: The Parish Room on Sixth Street
When: May 6th, 2006

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