Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Roots - Stubb's - June 2, 2006

Ebun and Anjali have been harping at me to get off my ass and put this up... we'll here ya go guys! The Roots are coming! Effin yea! When? June 2nd! Where? Stubb's! Why? Cuz Austin's gotta get love too! How? Must I spell it out for you guys! And what about the bonus DVD?!? Did you say Blackalicious too? Daum! Time to get blown!

More info:

Though popular success has largely eluded the Roots, the Philadelphia group showed the way for live rap, building on Stetsasonic's "hip-hop band" philosophy of the mid-'80s by focusing on live instrumentation at their concerts and in the studio. Though their album works have been inconsistent affairs, more intent on building grooves than pushing songs, the Roots' live shows are among the best in the business.

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