Monday, April 10, 2006

Tha Fulz - Velvet Spade - April 15, 2006

Velvet Spade's throwin' a hip hop showcase on April 15... featuring Tha Fulz... and you can probably bet they'll be singing their hit single "Throw Them Horns Up"... honestly... I don't even know who these fulz are... but after a couple drinks I'm sure I'll be bobbin' to deez fulz...


"THA FULZ is hip-hop group based out of the Live Music Capitol of The World, Austin Texas. Independent Record Label Owners Cory Collins and Paul Musson have written over 100 songs and have performed over 100 shows. We have been in the music business for over 15 years and holding. We are the hottest group with the #1 song in Austin "THROW THEM HORNS UP" and we've been heard by thousands of listners. We had the privilage to perform at the University of Texas for the Dean, the President, Mack Brown, the Football Team, Cheerleaders and thousands of fans. "THROW THEM HORNS UP" is in full rotation being played currently on four radio stations, including ESPN and The ZONE Radio."

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