Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BBoy City 16 "The Reunion" Hip Hop Festival - Austin, TX - April 24 - 26, 2009

From the red pill or blue pill department... My favorite time of the year is about to come up. BBoy City 16 "The Reunion" Hip Hop Festival on April 24 - 25th!

DAY 1: Fri. April 24, Receiving & Arrival Day
Location/Venue - Wahoo's
509 Rio Grande St.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 476-3474
No Cover

DAY 2: Sat. April 25, Prelims & Trade Show
Location/Venue - For The Community
South Austin Recreation Center
1100 Cumberland Rd.
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 444-6601
$20 Tickets, $20 for cams

DAY 3: Sun. April 26, Finals - Main Event
Location/Venue - The PARISH
214 East 6th. St.
Austin,Tx 78701
$20 Tickets
No Digital Cameras

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cool Kids - ZBT House - March 28, 2009

From the how's the hail damage department... Thanks to Andrew for the heads up! The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity is having the Cool Kids perform in their backyard on Saturday, March 28th! And a show for a good cause, all proceeds go to benefit the March of Dimes Texas Chapter.

You can buy tickets online for $10 here!

The 54 Reality Show SXSW Special

Hopefully everyone's recovered from all the SXSW craziness. I know my feet are still recovering. Ya boys Crew 54 got all that crrzy stuff taped for posterity's sake. Check it out to see if the Crew caught you acting a fool. I see you Romeo and Santos

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SXSW: Hip Hop - Austin, TX - March 18 - 22, 2009

From the here we go department... Need I say more?!? Just look at all the Hip Hop acts rolling through SXSW! And Austin, we have more than our share of artists puttin' on for the city and the world to see.

In addition to the list below, check out the SXSW Hip-Hop Schedule put out by AustinSurreal!

Oh yeah and go fire up your bittorrent clients. Here's 6GB of free SXSW Music!

A-Alikes Brooklyn NY Hip-Hop

Abstract Rude Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop

AmpLive San Francisco CA Hip-Hop
Bomani Armah & Project Mayhem Washington DC Hip-Hop
Arts the Beatdoctor Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Hip-Hop
Pugs Atomz Chicago IL Hip-Hop
AwkQuarius Dallas TX Hip-Hop
Balance Oakland CA Hip-Hop
Binary Audio Misfits Toulouse FRANCE Hip-Hop

BK One Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop
B L A C K I E LaPorte TX Hip-Hop
Blacklisted Individuals Austin TX Hip-Hop

Bavu Blakes & the Extra Plairs Austin TX Hip-Hop

Amanda Blank Philadelphia PA Hip-Hop
Blu Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
Blue Scholars Seattle WA Hip-Hop

B.o.B Atlanta GA Hip-Hop
Braille Portland OR Hip-Hop

Brother Ali Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop

Brother Reade Winston Salem NC Hip-Hop

Buck 65 Halifax NS Hip-Hop
Buff1 Ann Arbor MI Hip-Hop

Busdriver Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
Cage New York NY Hip-Hop

Camp Lo Bronx NY Hip-Hop
Champagne Champagne Seattle WA Hip-Hop

Chase da RoyGBiv Austin TX Hip-Hop

The Chicharones Portland OR Hip-Hop

Choc Quib Town Bogota COLOMBIA Hip-Hop
Classified Enfield NS Hip-Hop
Clemits Austin TX Hip-Hop
Common Market Seattle WA Hip-Hop
Paul Couture Austin TX Hip-Hop
Crew54 Killeen TX Hip-Hop
CY Houston TX Hip-Hop
CYNE Gainesville FL Hip-Hop
Da C.O.D. Austin TX Hip-Hop
David Dallas Auckland NEW ZEALAND Hip-Hop
Jesse Dangerously Ottawa ON Hip-Hop

Amanda Diva New York NY Hip-Hop

DJ Grip Austin TX Hip-Hop

DJ Shadow (exclusive DJ set) San Francisco CA Hip-Hop
D.O. Toronto ON Hip-Hop
B. Dolan Providence RI Hip-Hop
Doomtree Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop

Dooney Da Priest Dallas TX Hip-Hop

dred skott Austin TX Hip-Hop

8ball and MJG Memphis TN Hip-Hop

Eyedea & Abilities St. Paul MN Hip-Hop
Eyeris New York NY Hip-Hop

Mickey Factz Bronx NY Hip-Hop
Fat Pimp Dallas TX Hip-Hop

Flynn D Austin TX Hip-Hop

Foreign Legion Oakland CA Hip-Hop
Sage Francis Providence RI Hip-Hop

Free Sol Memphis TN Hip-Hop

Freeway Philadelphia PA Hip-Hop
Gerald G. Austin TX Hip-Hop
Gigantics Seattle WA Hip-Hop

GLC Chicago IL Hip-Hop

Jean Grae New York NY Hip-Hop
Grand Analog Winnipeg MB Hip-Hop

Grouch & Eligh Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop

Charles Hamilton New York NY Hip-Hop

Richard Henry Austin TX Hip-Hop
KJ Hines Cedar Park TX Hip-Hop
H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District) Houston TX Hip-Hop

Hollywood Holt Chicago IL Hip-Hop
Homeboy Sandman New York NY Hip-Hop
In Stereo (perCeptie & Kapabel) Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS Hip-Hop
Invincible Detroit MI Hip-Hop

I Self Devine Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop

Jake One Seattle WA Hip-Hop
J Kapone Austin TX Hip-Hop
Al Kapone Memphis TN Hip-Hop
KB the Boo Bonic Austin TX Hip-Hop

The Kid Daytona Bronx NY Hip-Hop

Kid Sister Chicago IL Hip-Hop

Kidz In The Hall Chicago IL Hip-Hop

Killer Mike Atlanta GA Hip-Hop

Kiotti Houston TX Hip-Hop

K'naan Toronto ON Hip-Hop

The Knux New Orleans LA Hip-Hop
Kraak & Smaak Leiden THE NETHERLANDS Hip-Hop
Kriminals Austin TX Hip-Hop

Lady Sovereign London UK-ENGLAND Hip-Hop
LOOT New York NY Hip-Hop
Lord T and Eloise Memphis TN Hip-Hop
Lowkey of SouthBound Austin TX Hip-Hop

Magno aka Magnificent Houston TX Hip-Hop
Josh Martinez Vancouver BC Hip-Hop
MC Frontalot Brooklyn NY Hip-Hop
Mistah FAB Oakland CA Hip-Hop

Mojoe San Antonio TX Hip-Hop

Moka Only + Def 3 Regina SK Hip-Hop

Money Missouri City TX Hip-Hop
More Or Les Montreal QC Hip-Hop

Tanya Morgan Brooklyn NY Hip-Hop
Mr Lif Philadelphia PA Hip-Hop

NeckBone Austin TX Hip-Hop
Niña Dioz Monterrey MEXICO Hip-Hop

Ninjasonik Brooklyn NY Hip-Hop
Now On Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
Cecil Otter Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop

Outasight New York NY Hip-Hop

PAC DIV (Pacific Division) Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
Pale Soul Portland OR Hip-Hop

Pato Machete Monterrey MEXICO Hip-Hop

Jared Paul Providence RI Hip-Hop

Pete Philly & Perquisite Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS Hip-Hop

Phranchyze Austin TX Hip-Hop

Pigeon John Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
Pimpin' Pen Austin TX Hip-Hop
P-L-A Corpus Christi TX Hip-Hop

Plain Ole Bill Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop

P.O.S. Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop
Prolyphic Providence RI Hip-Hop
Public Offenders Austin TX Hip-Hop
Question San Antonio TX Hip-Hop

Rob Quest Houston TX Hip-Hop
Reef The Lost Cauze Philadelphia PA Hip-Hop

Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) New York NY Hip-Hop

Rootbeer Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop

Peter Rosenberg New York NY Hip-Hop

Asher Roth Morrisville PA Hip-Hop

Rye Rye Baltimore MD Hip-Hop
Ryno Austin TX Hip-Hop

Set for Life Austin TX Hip-Hop

SFDK Sevilla SPAIN Hip-Hop
Shad London ON Hip-Hop

Shwayze Malibu CA Hip-Hop

Sleep Portland OR Hip-Hop
S.O.M. Houston TX Hip-Hop

Son of Light Oslo NORWAY Hip-Hop

Strong Arm Steady Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
Tommy Tee Oslo NORWAY Hip-Hop
Terp 2 it Austin TX Hip-Hop
Themselves Oakland CA Hip-Hop
TRE9 Houston TX Hip-Hop
Truthlive Berkeley CA Hip-Hop
Truth Universal New Orleans LA Hip-Hop

T.Solo Austin TX Hip-Hop

Tum Tum Dallas TX Hip-Hop

2Mex Los Angeles CA Hip-Hop
U-N-I Inglewood CA Hip-Hop
Vince P Chicago IL Hip-Hop
Von Won Houston TX Hip-Hop
The Warriors ATX Austin TX Hip-Hop
Money Waters Dallas TX Hip-Hop
Wildchild Oxnard CA Hip-Hop

Toki Wright Minneapolis MN Hip-Hop

XRABIT + DMG$ Houston TX Hip-Hop
Yak Ballz Edison NJ Hip-Hop
Chris Young San Diego CA Hip-Hop
Zeale Austin TX Hip-Hop

Zion I Oakland CA Hip-Hop