Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ismlessness - Gallery Lombardi - June 29, 2006

I don't know about the art for this show... maybe I'm not booshie enough... but the music definitely hits the spot! Gallery Lombardi is featuring an art show "Ismlessness" by artists Conrad Kofron and Vincent Martinez. Couldn't find much info on these artists, 'cept from the Austin Chronicle... "features the works of Pratt-educated pop artist Conrad Kofron and expressionist Vincent Martinez." You would think if you were going to hype up some artists you would give some info about them to get peeps excited... but that's prob what it means to be in the "know". Buuuut... there will be some great live music! It's a 3 day event... here's the line up:

Opening: June 29th, 7pm
live music by:
Fambly, Sigma Prime, Mugsy Flows & Soundonor

Special Event: Sat. July 1st, 7pm
live music by:
Prom Night, Sigma Prime, Mugsy Flows & Soundonor

USA DAY: Tues. July 4th, 7pm
live music by:
Word Association, Dr. Nuckstable, Fambly

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kid Beyond - La Zona Rosa - July 15, 2006

I am flabbergasted! You gotta check this video out... and even more amazing videos of Kid Beyond on his site... his show's at La Zona Rosa on July 15th and it's only $10... not too bad if you need something to do on a Saturday night... and our own DJ Chicken George will be spinnin' also...

So could ya'll recommend a good mechanic in town? Give me an honest mechanic man! Or atleast one that lies really well... it doesn't really matter as long as I feel good dropping dem hundred dolla dolla bills ya'll!

More info:

Singer. Beatboxer. Songwriter. Live looper. One-man vocal band.

Kid Beyond loops and multitracks his voice onstage to create his own live backing tracks – layering his impassioned lyrics over his own beatboxing and vocal instrumentation. The result is a riveting, soulful brew of pop electronica.

What takes most people an entire band to produce, Kid Beyond executes with his own mouth. You're in the presence of a higher power... you want to get up and dance." – SF Weekly, Best of SF

A "fiercely charismatic... truly mesmerizing" performer, armed with a powerful rock-soul singing voice and the jaw-dropping skills that earned him the title "San Francisco's Best Beatboxer," Kid Beyond has rocked sprawling festival crowds, huge warehouse parties, and jam-packed venues from the Fillmore to Carnegie Hall.

Cut Chemist - Waterloo Park - July 8, 2006

You know how every new movie that comes out they say "It's the movie of the year!"... well I'll employ the same shenanigans here... It's the show of the year! Honestly, this will be an awesome show! Alamo Drafthouse and AT&T are throwin' the free show at Waterloo Park with Cut Chemist, DJ Mel and DJ Nick Nack on July 8th! Find more info at Emo's. They mention some bullshit like no dogs, chairs or outside food or beverages allowed in... but they didn't mention the green stuff... :)

More info:

Cut Chemist is the performing name of Lucas Macfadden, a solo turntablist. He is a former member of the funk Latin band Ozomatli, and of the underground rap group Jurassic 5. He became known through the Los Angeles-based rap group Unity Committee, and debuted on vinyl on the B-Side of Unity Committee's 1993 single, Unified Rebelution. The track, "Lesson 4: The Radio" was an ovation of Double Dee and Steinski's seminal hip-hop masterpieces, "Lessons 1-3."

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Awol One - Emo's Lounge - June 27, 2006

Free show at Emo's Lounge on June 27th with Awol One, 2Mex & Life Rexall ( $Martyr ) and LD & Ariano ( Technicali )!

So I've added a Google groups mailing list... you can see it on the sidebar... please join and let's see if we can spark up some good conversations!

Dude you know your life is out of whack when you've got fruit flies growing in your sink... I've gotta get organized. :)

More info:

Bursting on the scene from Planet Zero, California, Awolrus' style has taken him through the murky waters of hip-hop. In 1988, AWOL took off on his b-boy journeys influenced by KDAY and breakdance music. Soon after, vinyl became no stranger and the art of DJing lived in his knuckles. AWOL found himself DJing in underground parties, eventually moved up to night clubs, and then "Lowrider Magazine" American Tour for Thump Records in 1995 opening for Roger and ZAPP. Another aspect of AWOL's art is graffiti -- and even with unjust laws striking him in 1991 -- he still paints and does graphic design.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Zeale 32 - Emo's Lounge - June 24, 2006

You've seen VH1's Hip Hop Videos: Sexploitation on the Set and thought to yourself... how can I be a video ho? We'll here's your big break! Tomorrow night, June 24th, Austin's own Zeale 32 will be having a video shoot at Emo's Lounge! Come on out and drop it like it's hot!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Coup - Emo's - June 22, 2006

Never heard of The Coup before, but it seems like if you like Dead Prez, you might like these cats! Coming to Emo's on June 22nd... along with our own Bavu Blakes, Zeale 32, and Justin Bardic!

Well... turning 30 tomorrow... eek... that's some scary shit... friend of mine says that 30's are the new 20's... we'll see... maybe I'll hit Tambaleo tomorrow... I took the rest of the week off... so I can get f'd up... ;)

More info:

The Coup's debut album was Kill My Landlord. In 1994 they released their second album, Genocide and Juice. After a four-year recording hiatus, the group released the critically acclaimed Steal This Album in 1998, with a title reminicent of anarchist Abbie Hoffman's Steal this Book, and a stand-out single in "Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night". The online magazine Dusted called Steal This Album "the best hip-hop album of the 1990s". [1] In 2001, The Coup released Party Music to widespread praise; however, in part due to distribution problems, sales of the album were low.

The Coup, politically radical in their music, align themselves with other radical hip-hop groups like Dead Prez. Their music is characterized by electronic sounds and bass-driven backbeats overlaid by humorous, cynical and sometimes violent lyrics criticizing capitalism, prostitution, American politics, and police brutality, among other things.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Hip-Hop Google Calendar

Hey guys! The geek in me has added Google Calendar with upcoming events on the right sidebar under "Wuzzup"... I'm having display issues in IE, doesn't everyone, so if anyone knows HTML and can help me out let me know... I'm using iframes for the calendar... anyways... hip-hop is always best viewed with Firefox anyways! :)

So I'm freshly back in Austin from seeing the fam in H-town... Happy Father's Day! Dad grilled me twice about getting married... damn Asian parents! Doesn't he know I need a girlfriend first! Anyways... like a friend said... "Happy father's day; may your illegitimate children never find you!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Gathering - Emo's Lounge - June 15, 2006

Dubb Sicks holla'd at us to come out to Emo's Lounge tonight for a weekly show starting Thursdays! Tonight's performances by Dubb Sicks, Smoke Jumpers, Pride w/ Sean B, B-Will and Notion! Doors open at 9pm... free for 21 & up... Check out the flyer!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Aceyalone - La Zona Rosa - July 9, 2006

The Storm Tour finally rolls through Austin! Straight off the release of his latest collabo album, which I'm not too fond of, Aceyalone will be hitting La Zona Rosa on July 9th! Accompanying him will be Ugly Duckling, The Procussions, Diverse, !Mayday!, and Wrekonize... daum, I'm lovin' the Gnarls' Crazy remix on Wrekonize's page! Should be a tight show!

More info:

Aceyalone (born Eddie Hayes) is an American rapper, known for his passion for and command of words and language. He is an elder statesman of the rap scene, having played an important part in the development of intelligent, literate rap in a time when Gangsta rap was the predominant rap style. He is a founding member of the Freestyle Fellowship. Apart from his role in Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone is also a member of Haiku D'Etat (with Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) and The A-Team (with Abstract Rude).

Widely recognized as one of the more lyrically gifted in the history of emceeing, Aceyalone embodies the sophisticated west coast style that is showcased in other indie artists such as Blackalicious and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.

Monday, June 12, 2006

C-Rayz Walz - Emo's - June 17, 2006

Ever seen MTV's "Made"?!? Remember the one where C-Rayz taught a white kid how to rap?!? That was the best! :)

So here's your chance to see C-Rayz Walz at Emo's on June 17th... along with Culture Sounds, Word Association, Family Tree, Young Nick and MC Pop and DJ Pnyce!

More info:

Every once in a while an MC emerges who profoundly alters the landscape of hip hop. Big Daddy Kane. Rakim. Chuck D. Ice Cube. Jeru. Biggie Smalls. ODB. Eminem. It's time to make room for another name on that list. Straight out of that boogie-down borough where it all started, C-Rayz Walz comes heavily armed with his self-created style - The Art of Energy. Spellbinding, cinematic, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, completely original. The words will be put in your mouth. All it takes is one listen to start understanding why the game is about to completely change. Having achieved a mythic rep in the underground as a soloist as well as a member of the mighty crew known collectively as STRONGHOLD, this urban legend has been applying a vice grip on the independent scene for quite some time now.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The State of Texas Hip-Hop - Antone's - June 16, 2006

The State of Texas Hip-Hop, it's like having the Mavs, Spurs, and Rockets playing in their own tournament, we got Mr. Blakes (Austin), D.O.S. (Austin), PPT (Dallas), Steve Austin (Dallas), V-Zilla (Houston), and Vehicular (Austin) at the venerable Antone's this Friday, June 16th!

More info:

V-Zilla - There is no other way to describe "V-Zilla" except to say that he's a MONSTER. With 3 full-length underground releases under his belt, Overseas tours and an impressive list of show openers ranging from Atmosphere to Xzibit, this H-Town native is on course to finally break through the surface with his forthcoming release entitled "Interview With A Monster" and gain some much needed recognition from the City of Syrup.

Steve Austin - Steve Austin the Bioniq MC is a Louisiana born and bred Dallas-based rapper known for his undeniably precise, versatile lyrical flow laced atop the attention-grabbing, body-moving beats and hooks that have become just two of his trademarks. Standing tall at 6'5½", the toned, stylish Austin is as readily distinguishable in person as he is on a verse.

PPT - P.P.T.=Fun - it's as simple as that. The local hip-hop supergroup combines the talents of well known DFW artists Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti. While each of these musicians continues to pursue solo projects, P.P.T. allows them to combine forces in an effort to have a blast with their music while simultaneously raising the level of craziness around the Metroplex.

Mr. Blakes - Webster defines wordsmith in the form of a noun as a person who works with words; especially a skillful writer. Defined by those who write professionally as journalists, authors, newscasters or spin doctors - it is very much a verb. They wordsmith documents, speeches, quotes and letters. Many times this action involves finding more powerful, meaningful words that paint a picture and more clearly deliver a message.

Vehicular - Vehicular can be best characterized as a solid mix of the versatility of the Neptune's, the party vibe of Run DMC, and the humor of Digital Underground. Combining music that draws on a steady diet of bass-heavy beats, polished production savvy, and lyrics that spring effortlessly between the insightful and the absurd, Vehicular is clearly willing and able to expand their listeners understanding of what hip hop is and can be.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jurassic 5 - Stubb's - August 1, 2006

Thanks to Crystal for telling us about what will definitely be a pimp show! Jurassic 5 yo! Comin' to Stubb's... August 1st... it's so fresh... tix aren't even on sale till this Saturday, June 10th @ 10AM... check their site for tix!

So I've been bogged down by work these days... no fun... but ready to get out and tear shit up! One more weekend to go fools! Forgot to mention... The Roots were sick! Awesome show! Oh yeah... Heat or Mavs? Can't decide... I think I hate both equally... :)

More info:

Jurassic 5 is a five-piece hip hop crew that was formed in 1993 at the Los Angeles, California, venue Good Life. Rappers Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir aka Soup, Mark 7even, and turntable maestros DJ Nu-Mark and DJ Cut Chemist came together from two separate crews, the Rebels of Rhythm and Unity Committee. Cut Chemist has since left the group.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Groove Kitchen - Longbranch Inn - June 21, 2006

This is kinda cool and different! Terrance emailed to tell us 'bout the Groove Kitchen coming June 21st to the Longbranch Inn! DJ's Aquaman Chill and Hobo D will be spinnin' while you eat your $5 plates of BBQ! mmmh... :)

So this free wireless shit is pretty cool at Republic Square, I'm chillin' here waiting for Before the Music Dies to begin and writing this... yes... I am a dork... and proud of it! :)

More info:


The Groove Kitchen is smokin up the Longbranch Inn with the grooviest
deep funk cuts and classic/underground hip-hop... spiced up with
international flavas.

With deejays Aquaman Chill and Hobo D special guest deejays.

Oh yes...$5.00 BBQ PLATES FROM BEN' you can get your after - work eat on

This is the real deal...banging strictly from the watered
down commercialism..we will feed your stomach and your soul...believe

No cover


Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Streets - La Zona Rosa - June 16, 2006

Down with some Brit hip-hop? Like M.I.A.? Ahhh... she's hot in sooo many ways! I can't even begin to tell you... well ok... for one... she's Indian... well actually Sri Lankan... but I like to think she's Indian cuz I simply love Indian girls! OK cold shower... :)

Alright! So on June 16th The Streets and Lady Sovereign are coming to La Zona Rosa! Should be a good show!

More info:

He has been compared to Eminem, lauded as the voice of Blair's Britain and the Mercury Music Prize nomination is a heady accolade for one so young.

The fact he is ranked alongside some of the UK's freshest acts, including Ms Dynamite, The Coral and The Bees, and one of the country's few truly unique talents in David Bowie, is likely to add to the legend of the boy from Birmingham.

At the age of five the boy wonder had apparently been "fiddling with keyboards", later building his own sound booth out of a cupboard and an old mattress and turning his bedroom into "rap central".

His early teen efforts, influenced by De La Soul and the Beastie Boys, were American-centric copies of hip-hop records.

Old School House Party - Travis County Expo Center - June 17, 2006

Thanks to Omit for peepin us to the Old School House Party coming to the Travis County Expo Center on June 17th! What a line up! Definitely a blast from the past with Kurtis Blow, Spinderella, and Wiz... LOL! You can get your tix here.

Dude, I'm still reeling from the weekend bachelor party in Tahoe. Tired so tired... to all my boyz it was a great time... times like these are few and far between... and congrats to Nauman on the engagement... and thanks to the girls that showed us a good time... ;) here's a tip for ya'll... ALWAYS stop for girls flashing on the side of the road... :)

More info:

As the first commercially successful rap artist, Kurtis Blow is a towering figure in hip-hop history. His popularity and charisma helped prove that rap music was something more than a flash-in-the-pan novelty, paving the way for the even greater advances of Grandmaster Flash and Run-D.M.C. Blow was the first rapper to sign with (and release an album for) a major label; the first to have a single certified gold (1980's landmark "The Breaks"); the first to embark on a national (and international) concert tour; and the first to cement rap's mainstream marketability by signing an endorsement deal. For that matter, he was really the first significant solo rapper on record, and as such he was a natural focal point for many aspiring young MCs in the early days of hip-hop.