Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Tix: Cappadonna - Stubb's - October 30, 2008

From the free tix in a credit crisis department... Win free tickets to the show by emailing us why you deserve these tickets by Friday, Oct 3rd! Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan @ Stubb's on Oct 30th!

Thanks to Jenny for the heads up!

More info:

Cappadonna is an American rapper, friend and affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan, and has appeared on many of their albums, as well as having a successful solo career.

Cappadonna came to record with the group after a chance visit to RZA's Staten Island[citation needed] apartment-recording studio during the recording of Raekwon's album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (see 1995 in music). Cappadonna visited the studio during the recording of the song "Ice Cream," and joked to RZA about him contributing a verse on it; however, RZA decided to take him seriously and allowed him to feature on the track. After appearing on "Ice Cream," he went on to appear on another Cuban Linx track, "Ice Water," and became a close affiliate of the Clan with several appearances on (and a co-starring credit on the front cover of) Ghostface Killah's Ironman album as well as several prominent appearances on the group's second album Wu-Tang Forever in 1997, most notably on the stand-out lead single "Triumph."

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