Thursday, September 25, 2008

Erykah Badu - Speakeasy - September 27, 2008

From the squirtin' breast milk department... Envy Magazine ‘Austin Edition’ Release Party Hosted by Erykah Badu! @ Speakeasy on Saturday, Sept 27th!

Featuring: DJ Chicken George & DJ AONE

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Breast milk's been all over the news and I'm gettin' thirsty! First PETA asks Ben & Jerry's to use human breast milk! Yum!

Then tainted Chinese milk is unfortunately affecting kids, but what do you expect from 3rd world country women eating dogs squirting tittie milk in bottles?!? Yum!

More info:

Erica Abi Wright (born February 26, 1971),[1] better known by her stage name Erykah Badu is an American soul singer and songwriter, whose work encompasses elements of R&B, hip hop and jazz.[2] She is best known for her role in the rise of the neo soul sub-genre, and for her eccentric, cerebral musical stylings and sense of fashion.

Early in her career, Badu was recognizable for wearing very large and colorful headwraps. For her musical sensibilities, she has often been compared to jazz great Billie Holiday.[2] She was a core member of the Soulquarians, and is also an actress having appeared in a number of films playing a range of supporting roles in movies such as Blues Brothers 2000, The Cider House Rules, and House of D.

Erykah Badu was born Erica Wright in South Dallas, Texas, in 1971. Her mother raised her and her brother and sister alone, since their father, William Wright, Jr., had left the family early in their lives. To provide for her family, the children's grandmother often helped in looking after them while Erykah's mother, Kollen Maria Gipson (Wright), performed as an actress in theatrical productions. Influenced by her mother, Erykah had her first taste of show business at the age of 4, singing and dancing with her mother at the Dallas Theatre Centre. By the age of 14, Erykah was free-styling for a local radio station alongside such talent as Roy Hargrove. In her early youth, she decided to change the spelling of her name from Erica to Erykah, as she firmly believed her original name to be her 'slave' name. The term 'kah' signifies the inner self, which, when translated from Arabic, means 'can do no wrong'.[3] Badu is also an African name for the 10th born child used for the Ashanti people in Ghana[4][5]. Additionally in a letter written to Erykah from her father, "Badu in Arabic means truth and light...good choice kid." Erykah Badu currently resides in NYC.

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