Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dubb Sicks - Flamingo Cantina - September 18, 2008

From the sticking things in blowup dolls department... Thanks to Dubb Sicks for the heads up! Booze on the Greyhound Tour Kickoff @ Flamingo Cantina on Sept 18th with The Brain, Flynn D, Passenger, Cali Zack, Dubb Sicks, Phranchyze and DJ Richard Henry.

Dubb, doesn't the blow up doll deserve to be listed?!?


Man, Ike came and bitch slapped Houston like he does Tina! My family lives in Clear Lake and they are still out of power, luckily water came on yesterday. Everyone is well, however, the roof is torn up, the rain gutter flew away and the complete fence around the house fell over. Houston is like a third world country at the moment!

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