Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DJ Jazzy Jeff - Pangea - September 4, 2008

From the Carlton Banks department... DJ Jazzy Jeff @ Pangea on Sept 4th!

"Complimentary champagne for anyone in a school girl outfit!"... hot!... I like how they think! How about Palin look-alikes?!? ;)


Wow, this is a blast from the past! I used to watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all the time. Who knew that years later Will Smith would be the July 4th Scientologist mega superstar that he is. I just saw "The Ladies Man" so I know Hilary Banks is still hot! I just saw on Wikipedia that little Ashley Banks was on "Girls Gone Wild"... whoa! They need to do a VH-1 Where are they now? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air edition.

More info:

Jeffrey A. Townes (born January 22, 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), also known as DJ Jazzy Jeff, is an American hip hop and R&B record producer and turntablist. He is best known for his early career with Will Smith as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. DJ Jazzy Jeff graduated from John Bartram High School in Philadelphia where he is enshrined in the school's "Wall of Fame".

DJ Jazzy Jeff is not to be confused with Jeffrey Myree from the earlier hip hop group Funky Four Plus One, which in fact filed and won a lawsuit over the name Jazzy Jeff against Jeff Townes and Jive records when they signed DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.

Townes got a job as a newspaper boy at age seven to support his family. Once he grew up, he developed a reputation and following as a school and block party DJ, Jazzy Jeff was the feature of the duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

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