Wednesday, November 01, 2006

RockIt 6 - The Enchanted Forest - November 18, 2006

Now this looks like some crazy shit... The Enchanted Forest?!? Fire show by Sangre Del Sol?!? B-Boy City?!? Brownout?!? DJ Manny?!? Big Face?!? Super Sonic Soul Squad?!? WTF?!? Boomers?!? What?!? Nov. 18th?!? 8pm?!? Crazy!

Wow! I can't wait!

It got a bit nippy today didn't it?!? I hate when it gets cold... mostly cuz I don't have any warm clothes... I usually freeze my ass off... and I have no insulation (fat) to keep me warm. It's time to get a couple of boobies to keep me warm this winter. ;) But hey the NBA season started! Can't wait to see more of those Bron Bron commercials and listening to my (Fresh Off the Boat) Asian mom tell me how Yao is doing. She's so cute. :)

More info:

Sangré del Sol features stunning and extraordinary costume design and original fire props, with the option of integrating live music and graphic art installation. Their training includes hip-hop, West African, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latin dance styles, as well as martial arts and theatre; all are represented in their complex and refined choreography. Available acts include fire-eating, breathing, body-burning, poi, staff, double batons, fans, crowns, horns, masks, bowl-balancing, hand torches, fire fingers, sticks, swords, hula-hoops, 10-ft. diameter fire ring, jack-in-the-box, bull whips, flaming sculptors, jump ropes, wings, brassieres, stilt walkers, glow props (for non-fire events), fire puppets, veils, and flags.

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