Sunday, November 12, 2006

Next - Alamo Drafthouse Downtown - November 30, 2006

Another great Planet Rock Party has come and gone... sigh... hope everyone made it out... Ernesto even made it out ;) with Charles... we even made a pit stop by Plush for the Tupac vs Biggie... afterwards our drunk asses decided to come back to my place and cut it up on the 1's and 2's and do a little break dancin'... until we realized it was too slippery and combined with drunkenness we were liable to hurt ourselves... we decided to quit while we were ahead and join Romeo at a taqueria for some dinnerfast (you know drunken meal between dinner and breakfast)... and that's where Romeo proceeded to school us on the history of Austin Hip Hop. Good times...

Now on to the show... DJ Mel's gonna be at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown spinnin' for the reception of the screening of the film Next: A Primer On Urban Painting... RSVP for the event here... the show is free with a Q and A afterwards with the director Pablo Aravena.

More info:

Here’s a stumper - if a graffiti artist takes can to canvas, not train car, and hangs it in a gallery, is it still graffiti? Even if the visual code of hip hop graf is intact, the hallowed laws of impermanence and reclaiming one’s turf have been compromised. So what do we call it now? “‘Post-graffiti’ is a term I could get comfortable with,” says local filmmaker Pablo Aravena. “Mind you, that’s what they called it in the early ’80s, when they started putting graf into galleries.” The working title of Aravena’s current documentary project is Next: A Primer on Urban Painting, suggesting another possible term for what the graf tradition has evolved into since its dawn in the Bronx almost three decades ago.

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