Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mike and Ike - Whisky Bar - November 17, 2006

Mike and Ike and In the Pocket at Whisky Bar on Nov 17th!

So during work today we went to Burger King for take out... we had a 11:30-1:00pm meeting... so we had to eat fast and drrrty... so I got my usual the number 1... whopper, fries and a dr pepper... then while sitting in the meeting... i'm like burpin up my whopper the whole time... you know how you can smell it coming up. mmmmh mmmh good... i got to eat that whopper twice... goin' down and comin' up. ;)

More info:

That classic sound is coming out of Austin, Texas, and its making noise in the hip hop scene as Mike & Ike present their debut album, Introducing Mike & Ike. The duo blends smart, but accessible lyrics with the infectious sounds of jazz and soul music to create a style that recalls the best elements of where rap music has been, but stays fresh and inventive, always looking toward the future. In a musical landscape full of studio gangsters rapping about how hard they are and money they may or may not actually have, Mike & Ike are a refreshing change of pace. Rather than fall into the all-too-common trap of preaching about what they are not, however, they choose to focus on what they are, and the original styles they bring. They kick intelligent rhymes that a wide range of people can relate to their own daily struggles and triumphs. The raps show that the two are aware of and concerned about social ills, but avoid becoming overly self-righteous or cliché in their treatment of them. Mike & Ike know when to be serious, but never lose sight of the idea that hip hop should be at least as much about the good as the bad, and maintain an overall positive and fun vibe on the album. Tracks such as "Classic Sound", "Home Invasion", and "Genie in Disguise" show that Mike & Ike have what it takes to bring their classic sound to the masses.

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