Monday, November 13, 2006

Rob Swift - Whisky Bar - November 18, 2006

Well... I just found out today that I'm headed to Zurich, Switzerland for work for a week starting tomorrow. So the AHHS might be out of commission for a little bit... but hopefully I'll be able to get online over there. I'm a little scrrrd cuz I'm going for a customer engagement and being an engineer I don't do much customer facing... but it'll be good experience... plus I think they just need a cute face. ;)

So... before I go... I wanna leave you guys with a little treat... Rob Swift, this Saturday, Nov 18th at the Whisky Bar with DJ Tats and Prince Klassen!!!!

I won't be able to make it, but let me know how it goes...

More info:

Rob Swift is a hip hop DJ and Turntablist.

Born and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, Swift (born Robert Aguilar) initially got into DJing by watching his father and brother. “My dad was a salsa and merengue DJ. My brother learned how to scratch and do all the hip hop deejaying stuff on my dad’s equipment (without his permission) and I’d sit there and watch him. When I entered the sixth grade, I decided I wanted to learn.” So unlike those who got influenced through hip hop records, DMC and NMS tapes, or movies, Swift educated himself with the classic turntable beats of the early '80sNew York playground pioneers while listening to funk and jazz at home. “My older brother exposed me to all that,” he says. “All the stuff I create as a DJ is rooted in the songs that I heard from Bob James, Herbie Hancock and James Brown to Quincy Jones and old DJs like Grandmaster Flash and Grandwizard Theodore. That’s where my roots are.” In 1990, Swift enrolled as a student at Baruch College in New York and in 1995, graduated with a degree in psychology. “While I was deejaying I pursued college. Speech class and English serve a purpose, you know?” Some say that his education also translates into his cerebral style of scratching, juggling and making music.

Swift is a former member of the Turntablist group The X-ecutioners as of late 2005 and as of 2006; with Mike Patton’s latest project Peeping Tom.

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