Saturday, November 18, 2006

Quanstar - Whisky Bar - November 20, 2006

My feet hurt... walking around Zurich on a 2 hour tour is fun... but damn tiring... so much shopping... coffee... but the ladies were a bit scarce... maybe when i go out tonight... let's see what kind of trouble i can get into. ;)

So San Antonio's Lotus Tribe are having a couple show's this week... starting with this one at Whisky Bar... as part of True School Monday's... featuring Quanstar from the ATL... along with The Word Association and Notion. I know it's a Monday but get your ass out!

Now for a nap... and then head the fuck out!

More info:

QUANSTAR, front man and founding member of the Atlanta-based hip hop band First Team, unleashed on the world and taking no prisoners!!!!

From Compton, Ca, Quanstar was originally exposed to hip hop at the age of 7 with his first cassette tape, “Radio” by LL Cool J, and instantly became a certified head. Seven years later he began honing his skills battling everyone and anyone who thought they were an emcee.

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