Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blitz - Alamo Drafthouse Downtown - November 19, 2006

Just doin' a little work here at Texpresso... I didn't set my alarm so I missed rock climbing :( ... finishing up before the UT game and Planet Rock Party tonight... Texpresso's one of my fav coffee shops... what are some of your fav coffee shops? wireless is a must... no wireless, i no go...

Blitz and Zeale 32 are having a video release party at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown on Sunday, Nov 19th before the showing of Before the Music Dies. Which by the way is a cool documentary on the current state of the music industry... I love the Erykah Badu interviews. ;) Presale tix are $5... get them online here.

More info:

BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES tells the story of American music at this precarious moment. Filmmakers Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen traveled the country, hoping to understand why mainstream music seems so packaged and repetitive, and whether corporations really had the power to silence musical innovation. The answers they found on this journey–ultimately, the promise that the future holds–are what makes BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES both riveting and exhilarating.

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