Monday, April 09, 2007

Tee Double - Irie Bean Coffee Bar - April 26, 2007

Cool... Tee Double looks like he's throwin' out the old and bringin' in the new... new album... new website... and new venue... never heard of the Irie Bean Coffee Bar... but any place is a good place to cop Tee on the mic... so Tee Double @ Irie Bean Coffee Bar on April 26th.

Ever have coincidence happenings that just scares the sh*t out of you?!? Here's a stupid example... the actual thing that happened was much crazier... so the example is like so... say you're taking a dump... someone calls you while taking a dump that their toilet is backed up... you then flush your toilet and find out that YOUR toilet is backed up... gees...

More info:

Tee Double has blurred the distinctions commonly associated with entrepreneurs, songwriters, producers, and poets. Armed with a freestyle grace that can only be witnessed in person, he has let his lyrics flow, defined with bass lines that have given them power to shape a community.

An Austin-born emcee, producer and promoter, Tee Double has released numerous highly aclaimed independent albums, spanning more than a decade of Texas hip-hop's history. After years of recording and performing, created Kinetic Marketing in hopes of promoting major label acts in the Southern region of the U.S.

The newly created company opened up opportunities for other hip-hop artists in the city of Austin and the surrounding area.

Tee Double also has worked as the National Urban Hip-Hop Coordinator for SXSW, a yearly conference and exhibition in Austin highlighting the entertainment industry. The culmination of artistic talent and business knowledge has allowed Tee Double the ability to succeed in an otherwise volatile industry.

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