Thursday, April 05, 2007

Canibus - Emo's - April 12, 2007

To be honest... I've never heard of Canibus... hmm... buuut... he'll be at Emo's on April 12th with K-Solo. Check out the video... cheezy but entertaining.

Taxes... stressing... it should be easier... just tax the rich. I deserve a free ride through life...

More info:

Germaine Williams (born December 9, 1974), better known as Canibus and also as Can-I-Bus and Rip the Jacker, is a Jamaican-born American MC and rapper.

After his parents, Basil and Elaine Williams, divorced, Williams moved to the United States with his mother at the age of thirteen. His first new home was The Bronx, where he found an interest in the hip-hop culture, beatboxing, breakdancing and rap music. Due to his mother's job he was often forced to move, living in Washington, D.C., Miami, Florida, Buffalo, New York, England (where his mother originated from), Atlanta, Georgia and New Jersey. This constant movement limited his ability to make friends and turned him into something of a recluse.[1] Williams graduated high school in 1992 and went on to work for AT&T and the US Department of Justice as a data analyst. It was at this time that Williams became highly interested in the Internet. Having developed this interest in computers and the Internet, he studied computer science at DeKalb Community College (now Georgia Perimeter College) in Atlanta.

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