Monday, April 02, 2007

Nook - The Off Center - April 5, 2007

Nook, Blacklisted Individuals, BBoy City & Nick Nack @ The Off Center on April 5th... for Testing 1-2-3... practice safe sex kiddos...

Isn't there some rule that if you live in Austin for more than X number of year... like 5+... you don't get allergies... I think it's a lie!

More info:

I'm a rap artist whose passion for greatness for myself and my community fires everything I do. I speak truthfully and wittily about my view of life in a way that all who hear it feel it. Even my chosen name, NOOK, represents my core of beliefs. NOOK which stands for Never Outcasting Our Kind" speaks about people like me who have the odds against them, and their destiny to be great is blocked. If you can plant the seed of your vision, that visualization makes anything possible! Thats what I want my people to see.

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