Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Planet Rock Party - The Parish - April 7, 2007

Many thanks to Anonymous (See comment post below) for letting us know about the latest Planet Rock Party @ The Parish this Saturday, April 7th. Planet Rock Parties are the best! I wish I wasn't going back to H-town for Easter. Sorry Ernesto, you're gonna have to go at this one alone.

More info:

A B-boy/break-boy (male) or B-girl/break-girl (female) is a term for a person who is devoted to hip-hop culture. The term "B-boy" has come to refer more specifically to a male who practices what the media refers to as breakdancing, i.e., an individual who has the ability to express his feelings through rhythmic dance combining a variety of dance forms with gymnastics and original body movements. These stylized movements are commonly known as "breaking" or "breakdancing," and B-boys are often called breakdancers.

is commonly thought to have coined the term B-boy in 1979 in New York City. During his DJing performances, he would yell "B-boys go down!" which cued the dancers to begin breaking. (However, the original dancers who performed with him were part of a crew called "The B-boys" before they started dancing with Herc, so it is unlikely that he coined the term.) Ten years prior, in 1969, James Brown recorded "Get on the Good Foot," a song promoting high-energy, acrobatic dancing, and that Afrika Bambaataa (founder of the Zulu Nation) claims led to B-boying (Toop, 1991).

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