Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sqratch Karnival 13 - Ruta Maya - April 21, 2007

Sqratch Karnival 13 and B-Boy City @ Ruta Maya on April 21st!

Ernesto, you ready to hit this one?!?

So this morning when I heard that the shooter was Asian I was like ahh... man... now some ignorant fool's gonna bug me when I go out... I guess I'm just gonna have to start carrying my gun... :)

More info:

Who are the SuperStarDjs? Individually and collectively the SuperStarDjs have been a mainstay in the Austin Hip Hop scene since its infancy. As true Texas b-boys they are now on a mission to once again elevate the status of the Hip Hop Dj to the masses. Drawing on hip hop’s history, the SuperStarDjs are taking it back to the roots. Having performed on many stages throughout Texas and beyond, the SuperStarDjs have an ability to command the crowd with unmistakable confidence. The SuperStarDjs play hip hop as it was intended.

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