Saturday, May 31, 2008

E.S.G. - Ruta Maya - May 31, 2008

From the delegate dispute department... Thanks to MaddBuddah for the heads up! E.S.G. @ Ruta Maya tonight, May 31st.


Watching the DNC panel talk about the delegate dispute, it's amazing to watch this process. Everyone is talking about unity. Life is not fair, if you don't follow the rules, don't cry when you get b*tch slapped!

More info:

E.S.G. (born Cedric Hill) is a rapper from Houston, Texas (though he was born in Louisiana and moved to Houston after he finished college) who trailblazed through the late-'90s movement and helped popularize the "Screwed and Chopped" which was created by DJ Screw and a style associated with his onetime home, Wreckshop Records. The "Everyday Street Gangsta" made his first major move in 1995 when Perrion Entertainment released "Ocean of Funk", which featured his breakthrough single, "Swangin' and Bangin'" and its accompanying "Chopped and Screwed" mix. The mix became just as popular as the song itself, if not more so. This success inspired Perrion to reissue the most impressive songs from Ocean of Funk ("Swangin' and Bangin'", "Crooked Streets," and "Smoke On") on "Sailin' da South", this album distributed widely by Priority. Following these related 1995 albums by Perrion, E.S.G. maintained a low profile while imprisoned yet continued to reap the continuing success of Sailin' da South as its reach spread beyond Texas. He returned from prison in 1998 with a dark album for Blackhearted called "Return of the Living Dead". Around this time, E.S.G. took on an increasingly hardcore stance, presumably in response to the rising competition throughout the Dirty South movement. He next joined forces with Wreckshop Records, an up-and-coming Houston label driven by the reputation of the immortalized DJ Screw, and recorded a pair of albums, "Shinin' & Grindin'" in 1999 and "City Under Siege" in 2000, as well as a chopped and screwed remix of the latter. By this point considered one of the eminent rappers in Texas alongside Lil' Keke, Fat Pat, UGK, and Lil' Troy. E.S.G. capitalized on his reputation by co-establishing his own label, S.E.S. Records. The label's first release, Boss Hoggs Outlaws in 2001, paired the rapper with newcomer Slim Thug and sought to initiate S.E.S. among the increasingly crowded Dirty South market.

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