Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr. Dibbs - Whisky Bar - May 30, 2008

From the stressing Twitter department... Thanks to Clemits for the heads up! Mr. Dibbs @ Whisky Bar on May 30th with Rob Viktum, Clemits, and DJ Tats.


FYI, if you're looking for some great sushi, check out Uchi on Lamar. It's an orgasm in your mouth! The place does get packed, so be prepared to wait 1:30+... but it's well worth it... you can drink sake while you wait and end up paying for it all with your first newborn, an arm and a leg.

More info:

Brad Forste,[1] better known as Mr. Dibbs, is a DJ and hip hop producer. The founder of the turntablist collective 1200 Hobos, he has also appeared on numerous underground hip hop records as producer or DJ as well as releasing a number of solo works.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Forste was introduced to DJing around 1985, when he saw Grandmaster Flash performing on the syndicated light news/entertainment show PM Magazine, but "didn't really understand what he did". After watching an MTV broadcast of Grand Mixer DXT performing with Herbie Hancock on the latter's 1980 single "Rockit", he learned the hand motions and began to learn scratching himself. He estimates that he spent six months "getting the hang of" scratching, subsequently spending two years "cutting and scratching to whatever was on TV" to practise.[2]

Dibbs formed his own turntablist crew, the 1200 Hobos, in the early 1990s.[3] The crew's rotating line-up has included Buck 65, Adeem, Sixtoo, Doseone, Jel, DJ Abilities, Adverse, and DJ Signify among others, and at its largest numbered 23 members.[4] They have released two mixtapes.[3]

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