Thursday, May 15, 2008

Above All Entertainment - Light Bar - May 16, 2008

From the headed to Disney Orlando for work department... Above All Entertainment @ Light Bar on May 16th with appearance by "Hi Def".

I wonder how that wedgie feels on "Hi Def". I guess it must be tough trying to look so good.


Well just found out I'm headed to Orlando on Sunday and I'll be there till Thursday, so I'm unfortunately going to be missing Bun B. So ya'll write in and let me know how it goes!

More info:

Above All Entertainment was formed by CEO Clinton (Checkmate) Davis Jr. in 2002. He determined to follow thru with his father's dream. That dream was making music, and forming a dominant record label. His whole life changed after the loss of his father in the W.T.C. 9-11-01 tragedy. Since this day he has put his heart and soul into making this career successful. Checkmate even dropped out of college to put more hours into promotions/marketing. In 2006 Checkmate secured a distribution deal with Bayside/Tower Records. Above All released their first worldwide album on july 25th 2006 (Impac - Almost Famous) with beats from platinum producers such as (Carnival beats, and Fantom of the beats) That project went on to sell over 3,000 copies in just 5 weeks! they got up to 350 bds spins for the single off that album "Right Tonight". Linking up with Noizemob in 07 and KreamTeam management Checkmate has formed one of the biggest,strongest affiliations in the indenpendent market! After Industrial Strenff was released with noizemob in 07 GUtta was quoted "The Rewind King" and early this year he received " The lyricist of the year " award at the 1st annual Austin Hip Hop Awards.Checkmate and Gutta are stopping at no cost to be the new face, new sound of texas. checkmate says this... "By the end of 08 I want Gutta and I to be considered the Puffy and Biggie of our time!" Checkmate hopes to meet and exceed his expectations for success. AAE has already secured over 500,000 youtube views and over 5 million plays and views combined on myspace as well as over 2 million friends.Checkmate's support and love in the Uk has him very confident in 08. Win or lose he has enjoyed the experience of the music industry. Checkmate is also glad to see that after Impac's release... majority of those young guys are now at Langston University! Knowing that his father is proud and Above All Ent. has changed several lives around him, he can't help but to have his head to the sky. It's been a long time coming and Above All Ent. will continue to deliver the best possible music for all hip hop/rap lovers.

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