Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gathering - Karma Lounge - March 27, 2008

From the bubble butt department... Every once in awhile we just need a little reminder, consider me the the pinky string around your finger... Grimnasty and Cooley Fly @ The Gathering this Thursday, March 27th @ Karma Lounge.


Something strange happened today, so I've had this bottle of spoiled milk sitting by the sink and I've been noticing that the bottle has been slowly expanding. Instead of throwing it away or pouring it down the sink, I figure I'd leave it there until I throw out the trash. Well I haven't thrown out the trash for a while now, so today I come home and I smell this horrible stench. And I notice that the top of the milk bottle is missing, so I frantically look around the kitchen looking for the top and having wild ideas that someone broke into the house and is play a trick on me. I finally find the top clear across the room, but the place still smelled like spoiled milk!

More info:

Grimnasty formerly known as King $olomon "Ruler of the Wasteland" is a gifted artist with 26 years of experience in custom work, uniquely connecting with the clients vision and energy, thus creating an ideal collaboration. Expertise in the field of Hip Hop. Music Production, 2D/3DAnimation, Sculpting, Graphic Design,Video Editing, Murals, Decorative,and Fine Art Paintings.

Living everywhere from Nashville, to Louisianna, to LA, and Texas, has given him a well rounded versitale influence, which is easy to pick up listening to any of his 10 releases. Later on the creative side, Grim creates PHANTAZM and produces "Drastic" later to be picked up by "Spike and Mike." The new current LP "Grimnasty the Album" is getting rave reveiws regionally, on a one hitter, then I got cha' vibe. Fans that see him live strongly agree that Grimnasty is personality on wheels.

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