Saturday, March 22, 2008

Da C.O.D. - Ruta Maya - March 22, 2008

From the "Support Local Austin Hip Hop Week" department... Da C.O.D. @ Ruta Maya tonight, March 22nd for their Pre-Release Party of Ova The Stove Vol. 2. Also performing Sicc & C.P.R., S.M.C., Non-Fiktion, T. Solo & The Union Cartel.


More info:

The year... 1999. The place..... a drug infested cul-de-sac of South Lamar in the 78704 area of Austin, Tx known as The Circle of Death. Enter the C.O.D.. Back then rap was secondary and finances were very necessary. S. Dot recalls with a grin "We got it by any means please believe that." S. Dot moved to the C.O.D in 1998. "I met Lil J in 1994. He’s my brother so when I came to the circle we just set up shop." S. Dot recalls. Around this time a young Greezo was running the streets off Brodie and Slaughter ln. After he caught his first serious case in 98 he turned to the streets full time. "I’m not even from the 04 I’m from Brodie but when I left momma’s thats where I was accepted and where I met S and J. Back then it was R.C., Killa P Mike D AD LG Chill Will Lil J and S. Young niggas Lil J was gettin busy at like 12." Greezo claims in his booming baritone. The boys would freestyle to past the time when they were on the block. "We just did the shit for fun" recalls an excited Greezo. "We ain’t have no equipment or no shit like that. So my nigga Phil would beatbox for hours on end! We all just tried to keep up with him." Greezo was the first in the group to really begin to take rap seriously. Admitted into a group that Phil had formed with some high school friends called Tre Side. Greezo would also go on to release a local classic album in 2003 entitled ’HOODPOLITIX’. "Right after that everybody started getting locked up. I knew there had to be a way out of the struggle." states Lil J.

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