Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Unspoken Levels - Flipnotics at the Triangle - March 28, 2008

From the I'm South Park cheesin' department... Idol-C wrote in about his show with Unspoken Levels @ Flipnotics at the Triangle on March 28th. I'm guessing that's a picture of them or just some random dudes put up on their myspace page. :)

And above all else... the show's free!

More info:

It's all about hip-hop, dancing, and good vibes.

Since the release of their 2003 debut, Time to Change, Unspoken Levels have been turning some heads, bringing the party, and pushing forward with their up-beat message and sound. Pulling some serious inspiration from a lifetime of songs and experiences, the emcee brothers, Mr. Metaphysical and Idol-C, bring a fresh breath of clarity, peace, and urgency to the mic. All this is rooted in an eclectic foundation of some funky hip hop, produced with just as much love by the group's resident DJs: brothers DJ Stillness and C-Mos.

Founded in the dusty flatlands of Lubbock, TX, the two sets of two brothers formed Unspoken Levels in 2002 out of a shared love for hip hop. What started as a small-town family-and-friend's pass time, quickly grew in to two full albums, jam-packed live performances, and finally relocating to Austin, TX in mid 2007.

This isn't your average hip hop crew.

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