Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Zeale 32 - Red 7 - June 23, 2007

From the "smell where I stuck this" and the "hi-5" duo... Zeale 32 and Phranchyze @ Red 7 on June 23rd.

The other day in USA Today there was an article, "Can rap regain its crown?"... It says that rap sales have dropped 33% from 2006 more than any other genre... like the article says... there is only so much bling the public can take...

More info:

"My roots sprang from long years of work with poetry and self expression. When the walls of poetry could no longer house my expression and art it began to twist and warp itself into spoken word patterns that became the basis for my freestyle. My desire to sharpen my freestyle abilities would lead me to multiple MC Battle competitions throughout the states, the largest being ScribbleJam 10 in Cinncinatti, Ohio where I competed against some of the most talented artist in America. Now that my battle element is sleeping I'm working on my first national release under BabyGrande Records due to be released in 2007. I am still officially unsigned however, as the Babygrande release is a single 12" vinyl deal. Horoscopes say the buzz from the single and the corresponding video release we shot this year will give my roster and I the recognition we have been working on for the past three years."

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