Monday, June 11, 2007

M.C. Flint - Merkaba Lounge - June 14, 2007

Ooo... I've never heard of this lounge before... Merkaba Lounge... haha... I love their description of the place... "convenience of nearby IH-35 combined with the elegant panache of a Warehouse District club"... haha... M.C. Flint @ Merkaba Lounge on June 14th.

More info:

MC Flint is known for his unique verbal expressions on the mic! He has the ability to keep up with any beat and make an astonishing performance memorable. MC Flint has worked with many great artists such as, D:Fuse (his primary DJ), Mike Hiratzka, Chris Anderson, Cameron Vanpeebles, Johnny Invisible, DJ Protege, Jason Jenkins, Peter Martin, Tarek of lick samba, Toddy B., Dj Rebel, Bigg Benn, Icons of Industry, Shrapnul, Tee Double, Aron Morriss, Epriam Owens, Fish, Merrick Brown, John Busch, Electric Jake, and the list goes on to include numerous other artist such as BMC, CLE, and Lance Cashion.

Always a beat freak, this MC continually aims at accentuating the music and vibe in a room. I mc with the intent of improving the record, not just to hear my own voice, HE SAYS. The rhythmic chatter of this rapper creates a unified vibe on the floors he performs for. True to his name, Flint always brings the spark that starts the fire, burning down clubs from Spundae in Hollywood to Ultra Fest in Miami.

So what does the future hold for MC Flint? Watch as he continues to perform and expand his career to ultimately be THE MC you cant live without! MC FLINT

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