Sunday, June 24, 2007

Crew54 - Karma - July 5, 2007

From the guys using a scary movie title... The Gathering @ Karma on July 5th with Crew54, Alpha 20/20, Poise, Diamond Tip, Blitz, Booze Brothers and Clemits... man... another insane line up by MusicNMind.

Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth? If not... I'd highly recommend it.. Al Gore paints a picture of the state of our world that will blow your mind... to me it seems like we have already passed the tipping point... the next ice age will soon be upon us... is it too late to get that Toyota Prius?!? :)

More info:

While many wannabes talk about how they are going to blow, how much they grind, what they are going to do some day somehow, but sit around doing nothing, CREW54 rose from the darkness to get the shine they deserve. Beginning as a simple one song collaborative effort between G-Christ of The Texas Immigrants, and masterOFself of The M7 Movement; the CREW54 is ready to take their place the Central Texas Hip-Hop scene and beyond.

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