Monday, June 25, 2007

Global - Famecast Vote - June 29, 2007

From the let's get this fool voted department... Todd wrote in to tell us that we need to get our favorite Austin Nigerian MC, Global voted into the top 10 over at Famecast.

Click here to goto Famecast and spin the wheel, find Global and vote for him...

More info:

Who is this kid Global?

Global was born a Bboy in the state of Maryland. After lounging in VA, Md, and DC, the Emejulus settled into their beautiful homeland of Nigeria. This is where his hunger for knowledge and collective unity was born. While in Nigeria, Global learned about soccer, Igbo metaphysics, and the Chukwu mystery school system. From there, he then transitioned to his home away from home, Dallas Texas.

It was in Dallas Texas that Global first witnessed the dichotomy of abject poverty and enormous wealth. From the slums of the states streets to the mansions of Highland Park, he learned at an early age that this system is built upon inequity and exploitation.

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