Thursday, June 14, 2007

Austin Beat Battle - Flamingo Cantina - June 21, 2007

From the domestic abuse specialists... Austin Beat Battle @ Flamingo Cantina on June 21st. Performances by DJ Tako, Maestro, and Da'Shade Moonbeam.

So Father's Day is coming up... brings conflicting emotions to me... I'm slowly working on it... so what are some things people are doing for Father's Day?

More info:

This is a head to head producer battle that only leaves one beat maker left on stage. If you're an up and coming beat maker who wants to test their skillz against local talent, then this event is for you. The Austin Beat Battle is in direct connection with New York's IPA Battle, which was the very first of its kind. The battle will be held every month at Flamingo Cantina in Austin. For further details on the rules of the battle refrence the IPA webpage at

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