Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sage Francis - Emo's - June 9, 2007

Hmm... didn't know Sage won the Scribble Jam... Sage Francis @ Emo's on June 9th. Buck 65 and Austin's own Vehicular.

So standing at the urinal today... coworker next to me... he decides he's going to pick up an unlisted phone call... and I decide I'm going to flush the urinal... too bad the guy behind us didn't fart it up.

More info:

Paul "Sage" Francis (born 1977 in Miami, Florida) is a hip-hop artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. Sage Francis's style blends a varying tone and delivery with subject matter that focuses on intricate sequences of widely varying imagery, metaphors, the occasional pun, absurdism, and pop culture references, while including the occasional touchstones of traditional hip hop storytelling and self-promotion.

Francis holds two degrees, an AA in communications from Massachusetts' Dean College, and a BA in journalism from the University of Rhode Island[1].

During the mid-1990s, he recorded his first demo tape (1996), fronted the now defunct Providence hip-hop band Art Official Intelligence, and hosted a weekly slot on independent radio station WRIU (the "True School Session"). He also formed the Non-Prophets, a group that released a 12” ("Drop Bass/Bounce/I Keep Calling," Emerge Records, 1999), following up in 2003 with their first full-length offering, Hope. Francis is a contemporary of underground hip-hop artists such as Slug, Aesop Rock, and the anticon. collective. He is also loosely affiliated with the vague underground hip-hop supergroup The Orphanage.

As a battle rapper, Francis won the 2000 Scribble Jam, a competition considered to be the most sought after prize in the freestyle battling scene. He then came back the next year to finish as a semifinalist. Francis set up his own record label Strange Famous Records through which he has put out the majority of his records, mostly collections of live songs, radio freestyles and spoken word tracks.

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