Thursday, May 03, 2007

Awol One - Emo's Lounge - May 7, 2007

Coming off his new album release... Awol One @ Emo's Lounge on May 7th with Josh Martinez and MSG Crew.

Could a girl farting be the funniest thing... Especially when it's loud and smelly? How do you react in that situation? Would you just be grossed out? I usually fart right back.

Yao and T-Mac better not f... it up tonight...

More info:

Awol One (Tony Martin) is a California-based rapper/underground MC.

Awol One has gained a following in the underground hip hop world with tracks like "Rhythm". He has worked with such artists as KRS-One, Kool Keith, Daddy Kev, Fat Jack, Mike Nardone, Mascaria, Jizzm, Aceyalone, 2Mex, Busdriver, Slug, Deeskee, etc etc. Awol One (aka Awolrus) is part of the L.A based underground hiphop group The ShapeShifters.

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