Monday, May 28, 2007

Lifesavas - Emo's - June 4, 2007

Ebun wrote in to tell us about the Lifesavas @ Emo's on June 4th. Thanks man! Also coming through... out of Waco, TX, the soulful Strange Fruit Project... DJ Marc Sense.... and Austin's own Who MI? and Prawphit...

Happy Memorial Day!

More info:

Lifesavas are a hip hop trio from Portland, Oregon, notable for what The Onion's Nathan Rabin called their "self deprecating style".

Like many of their peers on Quannum Projects, their lyrics tend to be rhythmically intricate and emotionally introspective, although it contains little of the self-lacerating qualities found on the inhabitants of underground hip hop labels like Anticon and Lex. Instead, they take a more positive approach, especially noticeable in songs like "Livin' Time". They take a dim view toward the prevailing "gangsta" trends and what they view as the "dumbed down" and "immoral" tendencies of mainstream American rap. Other topics covered on their debut album Spirit in Stone include politics, social relationships, religion and racial progress.

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