Monday, May 14, 2007

Brother Ali - Emo's - May 16, 2007

Never heard of Brother Ali... but if he's on the same label as Atmosphere, MF Doom and Blueprint... you know what I mean... Brother Ali @ Emo's on May 16th... boy's got some pretty poignant lyrics... check out the vid.

So... went to Yao Ming's restaurant Saturday night... and it sucked... sad to say... it wasn't even as good as P.F. Chang's... and P.F. Chang's is really bad.

More info:

Brother Ali (born Jason Newman, now Ali Newman) is an American hip hop artist.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Ali moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota at age 15, where he became involved in the local hip hop scene. He's signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment, a hiphop record label founded by Brent Sayers, Musab S'ad Ali, Derek Turner, Anthony Davis, and Slug, the frontman of Minnesota rap group Atmosphere, with whom Ali has become fast friends.

Ali is an albino and although his appearance made him the brunt of bullying in high school (his response is chronicled on the track "Win Some, Lose Some"), he has come to be unabashedly proud of his distinctive features, celebrating it in a track called "Forest Whitiker", where he called on "anyone out there who's a little different" to stand up and exult in who they are, rather than stay ashamed. Ali is also a devout Muslim, religion being a theme that is mentioned in several of his songs including "Self taught" and "Victory."

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