Friday, May 11, 2007

Cali Agents - Flamingo Cantina - May 20, 2007

The combination of 2 cool cats out of the west coast... Cali Agents @ Flamingo Cantina on May 20th. And check out the line up... D-Madness... Broke Bread... Young Nick... just look at the flyer... :)

So it's Mother's Day coming up... I'm gonna try to take mom to Yao Ming's restaurant... Yao's her favorite player... she knows more about Yao and the Rockets than I do.

More info:

Planet Asia also known as King Medallions (real name Jason Green) is an underground rapper from Fresno, California who is a member of hiphop groups the Cali Agents, and Skhool Yard. He is also well known for his vast discography of mixtapes.

During the 1990's, Planet Asia moved from Fresno, California to San Francisco, California and started rapping religiously. From 1997-2001, Planet Asia had been releasing various popular 12 inch singles. These singles such as "Definition of ILL" and "Place of Birth" were released by various labels such as Stones Throw and ABB Records. He reached full acclaim in 2001 when The Source gave him the First Round Draft Pick and Independent Album of the Year awards for How the West Was One. How The West Was One was recorded with fellow rapper Rasco under the group name Cali Agents and landed him a deal with Interscope Records.

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