Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sqratch Karnival 11 - Austin Music Lab - October 27, 2006

Get ready for the Halloween edition of Sqratch Karnival! Tearin' it up for you once again at the Music Lab on Oct. 27th. Once again, you're welcome to bring your own records, yourself, and show off your skills. Turntables open at 8:00pm.

So today is Diwali, a Hindu festival, aka. Festival of Lights... Happy Diwali everyone!

More info:

Scratching is a DJ or turntablist technique originated by Grand Wizard Theodore, an early hip hop DJ from New York (AMG). Theodore developed scratching from DJ Grandmaster Flash, who describes scratching as, "nothing but the back-cueing that you hear in your ear before you push it [the recorded sound] out to the crowd." (Toop, 1991) Kool Herc was also an important early figure. The technique is designed to accentuate the work of the DJ by creating an assortment of sounds through the rhythmical manipulation of a vinyl record, and has spread from hip hop culture to a number of other musical forms. Within hip hop culture, scratching is still of great importance in determining the skill of a DJ, and a number of competitions are held across the globe in which DJs battle one another in displays of great virtuosity.

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