Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh No - Emo's Lounge - November 9, 2006

Rest in Peace to the late and great J Dilla...

Oh No, Roc C, Jern Eye, and DJ Romes from Stones Throw Records will be at Emo's Lounge on Nov. 9th! Show starts at 10pm with our (Austin's) own Dark World Clerics.

So I got into Houston at midnight last night... flight was supposed to land at 11pm... but we were delayed in JFK cuz of poor weather... anyways... my poor mom and brother were waiting at the airport to pick me up... my mom's a bit of a worrier... so she made my brother go to the airport at 9:30pm... and she was asking my brother for the time every 5 minutes... drove my brother crazy!

More info:

Oh No (born Michael Jackson) is an underground hip hop artist from Oxnard, California, United States of America. He is the younger brother of hip hop artist and producer Madlib.

Oh No released his debut album, The Disrupt, on Stones Throw Records in 2004. He has also performed on numerous singles by other artists, including J Dilla's "Move Part 2," who performed on the track and produced it; and three singles with the rap trio Lootpack. Stones Throw has announced a forthcoming album from Oh No, featuring the music of Galt MacDermot and appearances from numerous other rap artists, including Posdnous from De La Soul.

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