Friday, October 27, 2006

Pro-Am Hip-Hop Tour - South Austin Recreation Center - December 9, 2006

UPDATE: I've been told that this has been postponed... updates to come.

Put this on your calendars... or just visit the Austin Hip-Hop Scene Calendar...

Blitz wrote in to tell us about the Pro-Am Hip-Hop Tour that's coming to the South Austin Recreation Center on Dec. 9th... it's a national break contest and hip hop event.

More info as I get it, but in the meantime check out this new video with Zeale 32 and Blitz.

Lord... I'm stuck at Logan Airport in Boston right now... I've been in Boston the whole week for work... prob noticed I haven't written in awhile... works been rough... 12+ hr days... insane... but it's over and now i'm on my way home... actually to Houston... then Austin on Sunday... one thing I learned this week... if you want to move up in the corporate world... all you have to do is repeat what the last guy said...

More info:

The World Breaksport Association is a group made up of world-renowned, well-established veterans and pioneers of the "Hip-Hop" culture's dance form known as "B-BOYIN" aka "BREAKIN". The members of this committee have each made a significant impact not only in Hip-Hop, but on the world.

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