Monday, October 16, 2006

Return to the 36 Chambers - Plush - October 28, 2006

Table Manners Crew along with Kunal M at Plush on Oct 28th... seems close enough to Halloween don'tcha think? I'm sure you can dress up in that Rainbow Brite outfit ( now... now... no funny thoughts... a girl friend of mine is dressing up as Rainbow Brite ) you've been saving for such an occasion.

So one thing about Spain is... now I know why they are not a super power... you cannot f*ckin' siesta all day long and properly run a country! Can I say that again... you cannot f*ckin' siesta and be a super power! Ah... there... do you know how frustrating it is to go out in the middle of the afternoon and have everything closed?!? Think about it... you'd go crazy... and I did... ;)

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